How to Use Fertilizer for House Plants

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Next we want to talk about fertilization. We have a number of fertilizers we can try. The fertilizer is always in 3 numbers. This one is 20/20/20 which tells you about the percentage which is NPK; nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. This will give you an idea of how much percentage is in each and this is just a general all purpose. This one is for African Violets so it has a little more phosphorous. It has 12/36/14 so I think with 36 it will come up flowering so when there is a high middle number, it usually promotes flowering. This is an organic product so if you wanted to have organic farming you could go with this. there are also those release types that you can put into the soil which are these. This is a fertilizer pellet which are great because if you don't want to fertilize, every time you water you could just take 1 or 2 of these and just push it right into the soil. This will probably fertilize a plant for about 3 to 6 months. You would have to look at the packet and see and some of them come in these little cookie farms and some come individually are just the little pellets and you can just sprinkle it on top. Also you have these plant stick which pretty much does the same thing. The only problem if I grew this plant outside and there was some rain , it would release the fertilizer too quickly and probably just wash out. So if there is a lot of rain, you might have to add some more in. So it is under control. You know when you are adding water so you are always fertilizing.