How to Pick Soil for House Plants

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Alright, next we need to discuss about what kind of soil mix we want to use for our pot. There's a lot of different types of soils that you can pick up at the garden center. Let's look at some of these. This a fine mix. This is probably used more in propagation. It's very light with peat and perlite. The particles being very small. It will hold on to moisture. This is a little bit thicker of a mix. The perlite, which are these little white things, are a little bit bigger. There's bark in it. That'll make it a little more course. The bark is there to hold on to water and leave some room for air. It gets even courser. This is the perennial mix. The bark gets bigger and bigger. It holds on to that water. It gets good air in the soil. Then there's a cactus or succulent mix, which has a lot of sand in it. We did one part regular mix to two part sand. I think an all-purpose planting mix is appropriate for what we're doing today. This is just the regular mix we're going to go with.