How to Pot Cactus

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Alright, now we're going to pot up our cactus so before we do that we're going to get the gloves back out so we don't get poked, and fill up our pots. So, this one I'm just going to fill up part of the way, move this out of the way, put my cactus in, I don't want to bury it too deep. I'll just use another one of these and just kind of fill in around it, it's not quite working, pull it up a little bit, there's one. We're gonna use some of the ones we cut today even though they're not really ready but just to give you a demonstration on what we could do. Fill the pot up again, just kind of wiggle that in, try to get some more soil around it so it anchors in, hey, there's another one. If you do get poked, a good way to get the thorns out is to just run tape over your fingers to get the thorns out. These little ones I can just pick up and I'm just gonna place those on top, and there we go, three new little plants.