Tips for Planting in Your Vegetable Garden

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Hi! My name is Scott Reil and on behalf of I will like to talk to you about vegetable gardening. We have talked a little bit earlier about planting tomatoes that is a little bit about a specialize thing but most of the other vegetables are pretty easily planted. When you get your containers even ones that you have grown from seeds yourself or ones that you have purchased in the garden center you want to knock it out of the container, dig your hole, and again you want to be in a nice loose friable soil that is easily dug up like this here and you want to plant it back in at soil level. The same level of soil that was in the container should be right where your soil is in your garden. Then you want to make sure that you come back maybe mulch in a little bit with the compost, water in deeply even if it is raining you still should go back and water it takes those air pockets out from around the roots, it give the plant a good healthy start. If you plant your plants correctly they are going to grow correctly and they are going to give you vegetables all summer long.