How to Select Plants for a Perennial Garden

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Learn how to select the ideal plants for a garden of perennial plants and flowers in this gardening video from a year-round garden expert. View Video Transcript

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So what kind of plants should you put in your first garden? Now that you have you soil ready, the best thing to think about is what will work the best. There are a lot of perennials as soon as you put them in the ground they literally are not fail. They'll do wonderful and some of them will bloom on and on and on. I'd like to start with one, which is called the purple rain. Right here this already on it's second showing. What's nice about this plant is it comes out in May and it has these nice long purple flowers. It spreads over a big area of ground. It's very easy to grow, it looks nice with other colors. Here's a nice pink. What I like about it is as it spreads and infringes in other flowers, I just simply trim it back wherever I want to have something be seen. Then what it actually does is probably next week I'm going to take and trim this whole plant all the way back. As you can see, it's already growing a new center. That means probably in a month from now, this purple rain will show a whole new flowers, whole new plant, and you'll have second plant for the end of the year. This is really easy plant to grow. The other thing I like to do with gardens no matter what size is start with a boundary. If you have a section of lawn and then you have a low plant like this thyme. This basically stays green all year long and it has a nice yellow green foliage. It'll stay like this. It sends up flowers and it's a nice boundary. You can take this. What I'll do a couple times is I'll put my shovel right in it, divide it, scoop it out, and put it in other sections around the garden. This actually makes the garden look pretty nice. It's an easy plant, stays right next to your lawn, kind of gives you a good solid boundary in your garden. Another no fail plant is one which is called a geranium. Not like the geraniums you might find around in your annual garden, but this is perennial geranium. This I believe is the first plant that I ever got. I still like it. It basically blooms all summer. Within the middle, which happens to be right now end of July, taking a little bit of a break. It has purple flower on it, a woody root system, but it'll grow and basically bloom anywhere. It's a great plant. Over here we have a nice kind of a liatris. As you can see, we have a honeybee on it already right now. It kind of stays nice and straight, which is another thing about tall flowers. Sometimes they tend to weep a little bit. They lean over if there's a big storm that comes up, but this one grows tall, straight, nice purple blooms. I think it's a very easy plant to grow and I would recommend this for anybody starting off their perennial gardening.