What is a Garden?

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Learn how to start and maintain a garden, including herbs and tomatoes plus composting, in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Okay here we are in the Drumlin's Farm Garden and we are going to be talking about garden. How to start a garden? How to put in your plants? How to maintain a garden? What types of plants are good to grow? The best and most effective terms in your effort and the quality that you will produce. Also we would talk about herbs, vegetables, fruits, all the different types of plants that you can grow. As well as what it means to grow your own food. How it works in terms of harvesting? Planting? Planning? What you can do in your own food buying as well if you are unable or interested in growing your own food. Looking for local produce. What does it mean to be organic? What it means to be sustainable grown? And hate differences between them? How you can effect your own eating abilities within your diet.