How to Grow Out Parent Cactus Plants

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Learn about growing out a parent cactus or succulent plant after cutting it for propagation in this free video clip. View Video Transcript

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Alright, so what happens to our parent plant? They look pretty sad, this one's got a big hole in it, this is missing a bunch, this is a plant I cut a few weeks ago and you can see that it 's starting to branch. They'll start sending out new little sprouts, just a few, it's a little slow, but it'll sprout again, this will sprout again, this will send up another little segment, this will grow another little baby. Let's see I cut this a few weeks ago, too and again here you can see another little sprout coming out from the bottom. So, they will grow, don't be afraid to cut them because they'll grow back out. They might look a little funny for a couple of weeks but, they'll get there. I'm a little surprised that this took so long to start growing out again but it could be the time of year, it's the end of the summer so, it might be shutting down a little bit. I could try pushing it with a little bit of fertilizer and that would encourage all the side shoots to grow.