Soil Composition for Gardeners

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Gardeners should know about soil composition to help care for plants and flowers; take care of your garden or lawn with the gardening tips on soil composition in these free videos. View Video Transcript

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The soil that your going to be having in your garden or your flower pots or whatever you going to use for home garden or lawn even. It has a lot of different aspects. One of the things that you'll to want to do is to improve the soil so it will be ideal before you worry about putting any kind of nutrients or anything like that in it. If you have a heavy clay soil, you're going to need to loosen it up with something like compost or organic matter of some sort, or sand to improve the drainage and lighten the soil. On the other hand if you have a sandy soil, you may want to put some clay or organic matter which helps to hold water and absorb water into that sand to reduce the amount of leeching and to reduce the amount of water possibly that you will have to put on there to keep the surface wet. Nutrients are always a primary concern, but the composition of the soil is equally as important.