How Cactus and Succulent Plants Grow

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Learn about how cactus and succulent plants grow after propagating them with expert tips in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Alright, these are my plants I cut three weeks ago. This was the parent plant and I've cut this and these are my cuttings, which they're starting to root. What I did was I took these cuttings and I removed some of the leaves so it would give it something, when I stick it in the ground, something to stay. This shows how tough these plants really are. I pulled these leaves off and I just left them on the bench because they're starting to grow, there's roots and a whole new plant starting to grow out of this one leaf. So not only can I take tip cuttings I can also take leaf cuttings. I think that's a really neat thing, it shows how strong these plants really are. Here's another kind that's starting to do the same thing. I also cut this cactus, this one's got a little spinier so it's easier, it doesn't poke as much as the little ones, but this was growing right on top like that. I took a knife and now we'll have two plants. This one isn't throwing any roots yet but, put it in some soil with a little TLC and I think it will grow.