Propagating Ferns from Seeds for Growing Asparagus

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How to propagate ferns from seeds for growing asparagus; get professional tips and advice from an expert on growing your own fruits and vegetables in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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In this segment we are talking about propagating an asparagus fern from seeds so we are going to put the seeds in some of these cells that I use in my growing operation here and we are going to make sure the cells are full of soil but not particularly running over. They need to have enough soil so that when they are watered they will kind of settle down but you need to be able to tell where each of the cells are in order to place your seeds. Asparagus fern when it comes off of the plant, it has a berry. It is green and then they turn red when they are ripe. If you squeeze it, you get a black seed out of the inside which is about the size of a BB. This seed is actually where the plant is going to come from but you don't want to separate the seed from that fleshy exterior because mother nature has put that there so that the plant will have a little moisture associated with it, maybe stay around it. Even though this seed is going to take like 10 weeks to germinate, it needs to have that little berry around it so don't peel them like I did that one. Plant the seed, the whole berry one in a cell and like I said while ago, it takes like as much as 10 weeks. A long time for these so you don't want to get confused to about where you put them because you will think that nothing is going to come up. If you put them with your tomatoes or other plants that take a couple of weeks to germinate, this stuff will be laying there, nothing coming up and you may decide to throw them out. But one seed to a cell is all it takes. The germination on these in my experience is quite high.