Using Mulch Around Annuals

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Using Mulch Around Annuals - Provided by eHow
Mulch is great for annual flowers, preventing weeds and maintaining moisture for popular plants. Learn to use mulch around annuals from a horticulturist in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Mulching is wonderful to do around our annual plantings. Mulch will help to conserve that soil moisture, helps to reduce soil temperatures, helps prevent seeds-weed seeds from germinating, and it makes our garden beds look very nice and neat and tidy. So, in this particular area, we have a variety of annuals planted, and I'll show you how to mulch them. In this particular case, I'm using just a bulk pine bark mulch. I'm just going to make some small piles in between my plants. And I'm just going to come back and actually spread this mulch just with my hands. Don't want to add a whole lot of mulch to this area because we don't want to smother our new plantings. Just a couple of inches will be plenty. But you can see here, I'm just spreading this around, making sure I get right up to the base, and covering all of our bare areas in between the plants.