How to Prepare the Soil for an Annual Garden

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Prepare the soil for annual garden by leaving organic material on the garden during the winter and adding a layer of compost to the ground before planting. Use a lot of good compost to grow an annual garden with help from a sustainable gardener in this... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment I am going to talk about how to prepare the soil for an annual garden. So if you have a garden that is vegetables or you have annual flowers that don't come back from year to year because they're not a bulb or perennial where the root is underneath the ground and it is going to grow again then there is a lot of rules that you can follow in preparing a garden. Now most gardens just need a lot of compost or really good organic material to grow really well and so an easiest way to prepare your annual garden is to not really take care of it in the Fall. Instead of taking all the dead leaves and the growth and the foliage and composting it away from your bed by just cutting down everything in your flower bed it he Fall and leaving it in little pieces on top of the bed over the Winter you will find that it will start breaking down and making wonderful Earth by the Spring and then in the Spring all you'll have to do is add the seeds and then they will grow immediately and they'll be lush and wonderful because they have fertilized themselves. They have great organic material and another easy trick is just adding a couple layers or an inch or two layer of compost on the top of your existing beds if you have cleaned it out and then that way they'll have lots of organic materials and they have all the vitamins and nutrients that they will need for the next year, and it's really that easy.