Harvesting Dill Seeds

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A professional organic gardener shows how to harvest and dry your own dill seeds so that you can grow more dill plants in your garden in this free online gardening video full of harvesting tips. View Video Transcript

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Today we’re going to harvest these dill seeds. These plants were started three or four months ago, and now they’re almost brown. The stems still have a little green in them, and the tops are almost completely dry, so it’s the perfect time to harvest these seeds.

And to harvest them, I want to be very careful when I cut them that I don’t knock the seeds off. So what I’ll do, I’ll put them in a paper sack. So I’ll cut the stalks, put them down in the sack to finish drying, head down. See the seeds are already starting to fall off into the sack. So that’s all there is to it.

Now I’ll let the seeds finish drying, and then I’ll remove the stems and any debris from them. And when I harvest them, I will be very careful not to put any wheat seeds or grass seeds in with it. And then I’ll label the bag- label the envelope that they’re going to go in. you always want to store them in paper. And I’ll label that with the name of the seed, the location where they were harvested, and the date.