How to Grow Spring Vegetables Organically

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To grow spring vegetables organically, develop a high-quality composted soil from leaves, grass clippings, weeds and roughage, and sprinkle strong-smelling spices around the vegetable bed to discourage bugs. Grow spring vegetables organically, making... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment we're going to learn all about how to grow Spring vegetables organically. You can grow vegetables organically very easily, and basically organically means, not using any pesticides or chemicals to kill bugs or any fertilizers to enhance the nitrogen, or any chemicals at all in your garden. And really when it comes to Spring vegetables you don't need any chemicals. They'll grow really well organically. The most important part that you need to understand is that you need good composted soil, really good organic soil, whether it's grass clippings, leaf clippings, weeds. Everything mixed together and aged so it is broken down into becoming black soil or black gall. And then that soil, you can plant vegetables right into. And the trick with growing Spring vegetables is not to start them until the last frost. So wait at least two weeks after the last frost and then just put your seeds right into the organic material or the compost and they'll grow immediately. If you're growing tomatoes, put a tomato cage up. If you're growing beans, make sure you have a trellis or a teepee for them to grow onto. And, pretty much any vegetable can be grown organically. Use water, but don't add any chemicals to that water. Really, vegetables do not need any fertilizers to grow if you have good compost. It's the same as our diet, if we use, we don't need vitamins if we have good meat, dairy, vegetables, and fruits in our diet. And it's an extra, the same with your vegetables. You can grow them right into compost and as long as you've got that compost, you don't need any additives. And by growing things organically, you don't kill any of the bugs either, and slugs can become a problem in the garden. But just by putting some bark dust down or even some coffee grounds down or some nut shells, a lot of times the slugs won't go over that. And spices, you can use any type of cayenne pepper, curry powder, red hot chili pepper, any type of peppers around your plants too, will stop the bugs from coming through, and any of the animals too, and the squirrels from digging out your plants. So there's a lot of ways that you can grow your vegetables organically and it's really easy and economical.