Picking Flower Bulb Container Soil

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Don't use the high end soil to plant flower bulbs in containers. Learn how to mix compost, sand, and mulch to make flower bulb soil in this free gardening video about how to plant flower bulbs in containers. View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen from Vanveenbulbs.com. And, in this series, we're learning all about how to plant flower bulbs in containers. And, in this segment, we're going to talk about how to select your soil to use in your container. Honestly, I've used pretty much every kind of soil there is out there. I've used coco peat moss. I've used the high end brands. I've used the really inexpensive brands of potting soil, and I've used my own compost. And in the end, I found a combination is what works really best. You don't have to have the high ends soil, as long as it's got good drainage, it's good compost. And this particular mix is compost, sand, and mulch, grass clippings. So, it's a mixture of everything and it's been baked, so all the seeds are gone. So, it's one of the most effective types of soil that you can use. As I said in the last segment, it's not just soil that I use in my containers. I like to put, in larger containers, either water bottles, or sticks or stones, or mulch, or grass clippings, or anything else in the bottom half of them, to keep them really dry on the bottom and lots of air in the container. And that way, they're not half as heavy. So, when I do put that layer of soil in it, it, this is what the bulbs are going to grow in, right in the soil, and then the roots will eventually get to the bottom of the container, and they'll do really well. Next, we'll talk about how to plant the actual bulbs in your containers.