How to Water Cactus and Succulent Plants

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Alright, now we have all our lovely plants potted up, we planted some succulents, some cactus, did a little dish garden and we gotta water them in, so, they're not rooted, they don't have strong stems in there too much so I'm just going to put my hand over the hole so it doesn't come out too fast. We don't want to drown them out before they even get going. Just fill up the pot to the top and gravity will do the rest of the work. Alright, so now we have these watered in and I would suggest just keeping with the water, maybe just once a week until they started rooting. So, you might ask, how do I know when they're starting rooting. Generally when you seem them starting to grown you know that they're rooting, so once you start seeing the top, and when that happens I would start with some fertilizer, maybe half strength 20-10-20.