How To Fertilize Cactus and Succulent Plants

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Learn about the fertilization needs of cacti and other succulent plants with tips from an expert in this free gardening clip. View Video Transcript

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Alright, now that we have our plants planted and when they start growing, we start seeing some tips coming out of this, these leaves start getting full again, we would want to start fertilizing the plants. I would start with a half strength fertilizer, you can probably get it at any garden center. There might be some that are specialized for cactus but pretty much any general fertilizer for the home will do. You can start with a half strength 20-10-20 and then once the plants have started moving along and looking good you could go to a full strength and I would probably water them about once a week, when they're actively growing. So, when they're actively growing, they'll still actively grow in the winter time if you have them inside, and they'll really dry out fast because of the heat, if you have dry heat in your house, they would dry out a lot, so you might have to check them a little more often. When the house cools down you wouldn't have to water them as much, they would have fewer watering requirements.