Where to Use Mulch

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Mulch works in many places of a garden, in flower beds, around plants and trees, and for landscaping Learn where to use mulch from a horticulturist in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Mulch is perfect to use around your home. Everybody wants their home to have a nice, clean, tidy appearance to make our jealous. So one of the best ways we can do that with our gardens, is just to use mulch. You see here that I'm going to use a Pine bark mulch in this area to help keep the weeds down, help retain that soil moisture, and help keep those temperatures nice and cool, so our plants have a great growing environment. Mulching is also a wonderful benefit to trees that you have in your landscape. Once again, mulching is so important to help conserve soil moisture, reduce soil temperatures and prevent weeds from germinating and eliminating competition from those weedy plants. So in this particular circumstance we're going to mulch around this tree so that we can help keep those soil temperatures cool and keep this tree growing very healthily for years to come. In addition to using mulch in our landscaped areas around our homes and around our trees, mulch is also a great thing to use as a surface for an informal pathway that you might have. As you can see here, we have a pathway going through a wooded area. This mulch is a hardwood mulch that makes a perfect surface for an informal pathway.