How to Start a New Lawn by Planting Seeds

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To start a new lawn, plant seeds, put a 6- to 12-inch layer of compost on the lawn, use a seed spreader to put down three times the recommended amount of grass seeds, and water the lawn regularly. Plant a new lawn in the spring or fall with advice from a... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment, we're going to talk about how to start a new lawn, by planting seeds. Now, lawns are beautiful, and the easiest way to start a new lawn, is by planting your own grass seeds, and whether you live in a colder climate, or a warmer climate, there's lots of different types of grasses, that you can grow. If you live in a cold climate, blue, Kentucky blue grass, or rye grass is the best, whereas if you live in a warm climate, zoysia, or Bermuda grass, or St. Augustine's grass, is always the best, and then the best time to start a new lawn, is in the spring or the fall. You don't want to start it in the winter, when it's cold, or you don't want to start it in the summer when it's really hot, and the best ultimate time to start it, is when it's kind of foggy at night, and misty, and the plants are staying pretty moist, because if you start them when it's really, really dry, then they're not going to grow. If it's too cold, they're not going to grow. If it's too hot, they're not going to grow, so the easiest way, is to make sure that you have lots of organic compost, or potting soil, underneath the grass, because if you have just a tiny layer, you're putting grass seed right onto clay, it's not going to grow, or right into sand, it's not going to grow very well, but by putting six inches to even a foot of compost, above the area, and then putting the grass seed in, so you can buy all types of seed spreaders, and you can hold them, and there's ones that crank, with the seed coming out, or there's ones that you can pull like a lawnmower, where the seeds come out, or you can just sprinkle it by hand, and then just rake it in slowly and carefully, and very evenly, and I've found, that you always want to plant three times the seed that's recommended, because some of the seed is going to get eaten by the birds, and not all of it is going to take, and by over seeding, you're going to have a lush lawn, and don't just seed your new lawn, and think you're done. You don't want to use chemicals, fertilizers, or any insecticides, so the easiest way to maintain that lawn, is every fall and every spring, from here on out, if there is any spots that are yellow or not looking good, or even the whole lawn, just layer a tiny layer of compost over everything, and then more grass seed, and if you do that every spring and every fall, you'll never use chemicals, and you'll never use fertilizers, and you will have the nicest lawn in the neighborhood.