What Kind of Soil Should I Use in Organic Gardening?

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The best soil to use for an organic garden is compost that does not contain any chemicals or pesticides. Find the best soil for an organic garden and learn to create self-made compost with tips from a gardening specialist in this free video on plant and... View Video Transcript

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Hi I'm Yolanda Vanveen from vanveenbulbs.com and next we are going to talk about what kind of soil should I use for organic gardening. Now we all want an organic garden. We don't want to use any chemicals, we don't want to kill any bugs. We don't want to kill any broad leaves because we realize there is other options besides chemicals so our number one concern when we are starting our flower beds is what kind of soil should we use for organic gardening? So the best soil to use for your organic garden is compost and a lot of places in the country you can't just go to the store and ask for compost, they don't even carry it. So my rule of thumb if you can't find good compost just use good potting soil and there is all different types of blends out there. You can get truck loads delivered from different nurseries or garden centers or you can buy them by the bag at different nurseries as well. A lot of times if you find them on sale they are not very expensive. So I always ask is this compost that has chemicals? Does it have fertilizers? Does it have weeds in it? So the soil that has been baked is the best so if you can find any soil where they call it baked is where they put it under high temperatures where it calls all the seeds and it kills all the diseases so you are starting off with soil that has already been treated and should do really well for many years to come. So it is easy to organic garden and it is just by not using any chemicals that is all you need to do. I have got a big compost pile myself where I put grass clippings and leaf clippings and I keep turning it up but it takes a couple of years before it is ready to put into my flower beds so you can make yours yourself or there are a lot of different companies that sell organic soil so I think the key is to make sure that it is baked so it is not full of weeds. Make sure it is not just pine needles I have had that issue before where it is just pine needles and there is not enough substantial organic matter or even a lot of the mushroom composts are great too I'm finding because all of my plants have done really well in them but just go on line and search and talk to different companies and do your research and that is all you can do and support all your local companies because why have it shipped in from far away when I'm sure there is a local company that you can support just down the street.