The Pros & Cons of Using Fertilizer on Your Garden

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen on behalf of Expert Village. This segment we're going to talk about fertilizing your flower garden and why you need to fertilize. Well, I always say to myself, fertilizer is like vitamins, in our diet we eat vitamins because were not getting a healthy diet of fruits, vegetables, meats and protiens and milk. Thats really the only reason we're eating vitamins, if we were eating healthy we wouldn't really need vitamins. same thing with plants, if they've got great compost, i really don't think they need fertilizer because everything they really need is in the compost and most fertiziers are high in nitrogen which doesn't help the flowers bloom, it just makes the leaves really lanky so in the end, when you throw your parties do you really want to give your guest protien powder and veggie mite or do you want to give them what they really want, vegetables, steaks or a veggie burger if they're a vegetarian, or do you just want to let them have their own choice? And thats the same thing for plants, i dont really use fertilizer if i have good compost. You add a little bit of compost every year and you don't need a fertilizer, its not broken. The next segment we'll talk about alternatives to fertilizer.