How to Mulch a Garden

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Mulching a garden can be done naturally by using dead plants and leaves to create a rich compost, which can be spread on top of a flower bed to distribute more nutrients. Use natural mulch in a garden with information from a sustainable gardener in this... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we are going to talk about how to mulch your garden. If you leave your garden wild basically all the plants will grow, they'll die back in the Winter and then all the leaves will fall down and put a layer on top of the flower bed that will die over the Winter and it will compost down and then you have lots of organic materials and new soils for the Spring. So basically the easiest way to mulch your garden I have found is as soon as the plants die just trim the leaves and trim the plant into little pieces and leave the mulch right where it's at and every Fall as well, just go through and anything that is dead just leave it there and you can take your grass clippings and your leaf clippings and you can put them in a pile and mix them all up and in the Fall just cover your whole garden bed with a little bit of mulch and basically all that good soil is is mulch died down and so eventually all the leaves will break down into gorgeous soil. So you can create your own compost or great organic material yourself by using mulch and basically that is just dead dying organic material that dies back and instead of getting rid of all of the foliage when it dies back save it in a compost pile or turn around and save it in the flower beds themselves, cut them into little tiny pieces or just leave them in piles and eventually it will die back into great soil and then that way you can create your own compost and that mulch will turn into compost that's great soil for your garden.