How to Use Mulch on Your Garden

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen on behalf of Expert Village. In this series we're talking about flower gardening. And everyone asks me how do I mulch? What is mulching? Why do I have to mulch? And it sometimes gets confusing on what really is mulching. And for me it's not that complicated. It's just throwing some soil on the beds every fall or in the middle of the winter every year just to get a new layer of soil for the next year. So in nature, plants kind of mulch themselves. They die off, the leaves kind of land there or the leaves come from the trees, and cover the plants. So they create their own mulch. So it really isn't that complicated. It's natural. So you can mulch yourself very easily and the easy way to do it is when your rake up your leaves every year and you've got some plants that are a little bit tender maybe in your area that you might lose if they get too cold. You could cover cannalilies or pineapple lilies or other plants that are really a little more tender. You just put a little bit of mulch on them, which is just leaves, and it'll make it till the next year. You know we took down some trees and so we had all these pieces of branches left and needles, and so we rented a chipper and we chipped it all up and I'm finding that is just the most wonderful mulch, too. And, so, in between beds or when you're creating a new bed on the bottom of it, it works really well or on the more tender plants just cover it with that and then it breaks down over the winter. I just put, and every spring I'll just put a little layer of compost on top of that and I seem to have great new soil. There's lots of way you can mulch your plants. I just pretty much use my own compost. This is a four-way mix which has pretty much only sand, leaf clipping, fir clippings, and grass clippings, and all kinds of extra plant clippings. So all-natural material and it works really well, too. So your soil will compact over the year. So just in the fall or the middle of winter you just add a little bit of layer of soil or mulch or grass clippings and you've got a great new bed for the spring. Everything will be ready to go. In the next segment we're going to talk about fertilizing. We've composted, we’ve put mulch on our bed, now when do I fertilize?