Organic Gardening Soil & Fertilizer Tips

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Adding compost and other organic additives to your soil can help make your garden flourish. Learn about the right soil and fertilizers for your organic garden in this free gardening video lesson for beginners. View Video Transcript

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One of the things with organic gardening, to have a lush, productive garden, you want to add soil additives. One of the things I add is compost that I’ve made myself from kitchen scraps, horse manure, straw, and grass clippings. And this is gardener’s gold.

Another thing I like to add because my soil has a lot of clay and limestone, I like to add sand. So this topsoil here has a lot of sand, and another thing I want to add because my soil is alkaline - I want to add pine bark mulch. And this pine bark mulch is what I put around my plants. And this gives the soil an acidic drink every time it gets water. So the pine bark mulch releases the minerals in the limestone - the alkaline soil that I have - so that the plants have more minerals and the soils more balanced.