How to Use Compost in your Home Landscape

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Hi, I'm Scott Reil and on behalf of I'd like to talk to you about tree and shrub maintenance. Compost can be one of the most valuable additives to your garden soil, whether you're working with a store bought compost or pelitize or a bag product or the compost that you made in your backyard. Adding this to your soil into your garden can work for you in any number of different ways. The first way to think about using compost is to use good finished compost as a soil additive. I'll put this onto my garden, move it around and then I'll till this in right into the soil, that in compost like this adds humid content into your soil, it helps hold moisture, helps keep out disease and in general help feeds my plants in a healthy organic way. When I'm done working my finished compost into the soil, I can take some compost that's maybe not as finished, come back in and mulch this area. Now you could use your finished compost, but why would you? Your last finished compost worked just fine for the job, puts down a nice even layer, it'll help hold moisture in the soil by not allowing it evaporate, helps suppress weeds, so they're not going to pop out and compete with my deal and adds nutrients as the rain moves the biology from out of the mulch and into the soil. Another great way to use compost, a little more advanced is to turn it into a liquid form. You can do this by taking a cheese cloth sack, hanging it into a little 5 gallon container or something like this, putting an air stone in there, like you'd use for an aquarium on a little air pump and bubbling it for a couple of days. Allowing the air to move through and be readily aerate and take all the biology, it's in your mulch, move it into the water. It's liquid gold, this is going to take all the best parts of your compost and move it through your soil profile quickly and readily in the liquid carrier. This is the cutting edge of compost right here and you can have it in your own backyard, give it a try.