How to Use Compost on Your Garden

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen on behalf of Expert Village. We're talking about flower gardening, and how much compost do we need to use. I ordered the compost, and I'm going to have it delivered by truck, or when I go to the garden center, and I want to buy a bag of compost, how do I decide how much compost to use? It's really quite easy. All I do pretty much is measure your garden. So if you have an estimate... You know I do a lot of estimating. You don't have to sit there and measure it perfectly. But let's say I'm estimating that my garden is ten foot by ten foot. That's a hundred square feet. So, I have a hundred square feet that I want to fill with compost on my new flower bed, and I don't know how much to use. It's totally confusing, because I don't know what square yard is or anything. But, in the end it's quite simple. Just think of it this way; a square foot of compost is twelve inches by twelve inches by twelve inches. So if I'm going to plant my flower bed six inches deep let's say, and it's a hundred square feet, I'm really only going to be using fifty square feet of compost, right? Because it's half of the one hundred, as I'm not going twelve inches high, I'm only going six inches high. So I'm using fifty square feet of compost. So I'm going to need fifty square feet of soil, and they come in yards. So basically, fifty divided by three is 16.6666. So I'm just going to round it off and order seventeen yards of soil. It really is easy if you think about it. You just have to write it down sometimes to do the math. Knowing that I need seventeen yards, I'm going to order it up and we're going to start on our garden. Next, we're going to talk about using manure and peat moss in our garden.