How to Compost

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Compost a yard or garden by digging up the soil around plants or in open areas, spreading the compost over the area and working it in to the soil with a rake. Loosen up the soil and provide valuable nutrients to the soil by composting with instructions... View Video Transcript

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I'm Bill Elzey, with Showplace Lawns. How to compost. Using compost in your garden and in your lawn area, is the ideal thing to do. From a garden standpoint, the best way to do that is to come in, dig your soil up around your plants, or in your open areas, get it all nice and loose. Spread the compost out with a shovel, rake it around, and then come back and dig it into the soil that's there. And work it in, up and down, and get it to where it's really working good with your soil. Compost is going to add organic matter. It's going to work with the nutrients that you provide through fertilizer, it's going to help build a stronger root system, a better water holding capacity. So you want to mix that in the soil that's there. This is something that needs to, or should be done on a yearly basis. You never can over compost it. Now you don't want to use more than twenty percent compost in you area. So, loosen your soil, spread your compost over it, and then mix it into the soil that's there. That's how you compost.