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Vertical & Wall Gardens

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  • Growing Bromeliads Epiphytically

    ... Bromeliads Epiphytically in the Subtropical Home Garden Most bromeliad growers cultivate their plants in pots under shade cloth or some form of protective structure. This is necessary when climate conditions do not replicate the bromeliads' natural habitat. However, for those lucky enough to live in a subtropical climate as… More

  • Pruning Peach Tree

    Can anyone give me some tips as to how I prune my peach tree? I believe it was originally pruned to an open center, as there are three main branches held together with a piece of twine. It's approx. 6 years old, two years of it with us. Two years… More

  • Brick and Gravel Path

    We've been at this idea for two years now and the plan is to just do it next month! We want to cover this dirt path with crushed gravel and brick. It's a short path, about 8 feet long, that leads from the side of the house into the backyard.… More

  • How to grow squash.

    ...eryone, I am growing yellow zucchini squash in my garden, and made the novice mistake of not thinning enough in the beginning. They have all gotten so big that I can't keep all of them since I'm afraid they won't have enough room - they're just starting to flower… More

  • Cardboard Palm Tree

    ... seems as though it grows horizontally as well as vertically.… More

  • Christmas Cheer.

    ...? His workers no longer would answer to "Elves." "Vertically Challenged" they were calling themselves. And labor conditions at the North Pole Were alleged by the union to stifle the… More

  • Zenith Zoysia Seeded June 21st 2009.

    ..., just till it about 6 inches deep horizontal and vertically a few times. I planted zenith zoysia… More

  • Suggestions on covering a chain link fence

    Hey everyone, I have a massive block of Juniper (maybe boxwood?) style hedges in the front of my house. The plants get full on southern and western sun during the summer and are in area that is fairly dry. They have climbed to a fairly good size (~10 feet), even… More

  • Gardening above Buried cable in front yard

    ...ound the foot of the mail post (which is the only vertical structure in an otherwise flat and plain lawnscape). But, only now I learnt that there is buried cable running smack under the mail post. I… More

  • Efficiently mapping out veggie garden

    ...now if there is a better one. Today I measured my garden space at about 14 by 15 feet. I am being a bit over ambitious and planting quite alot.(eggplant, swiss chard, watermelon,… More

  • Climber for scorching full sun zone 5

    ...to soften my landscape - right now am focusing on vertical structures. Does anyone have any ideas of what I can plant on an arbor in full sun? It's not even summer yet and the sun in this area is very hot and it… More

  • Slow to load?

    ... loading pages where the screen is just the green vertical stripes? I hit the back button and then it's usually okay, but I have to do that a little too often. I looked in the Feedback section and didn't see anything… More

  • Help! fix my jungle!

    ...n some lilies for a romantic effect. Look at your garden objectively - see if there are plantings that would look better together than apart.… More

  • Let me Re Introduce myself

    ...A. My DH & I have a med sized yard and veggie garden that we have been revitalizing for the past couple of years. A few years of… More

  • Forum/Message list cut off by banner ad?

    ... the forums yesterday, I noticed that there was a vertical banner add that was hiding the left half of the forum/message list and if I click on a message thread to view the thread, the left half of the message thread is also hidden by… More

  • Strawberries in large growing tubes?

    ... and am curious if anyone has any experience with vertical tubes that I have seen at Raintree Nursery for strawberries-- the tubes have a water connection and… More

  • Suggestions for Front Lawn Flower Bed Expansion

    ...ibiscus plant there, as the #1 plant. I need some vertical, evergreens and shrubs. The area gets a lot of sun,a nd both pics are in the same place. I have all… More

  • The grape 'structure'...

    ...ent idea on growing grapes. Instead of maximizing vertical space (meaning, a grapevine) he has made a sort of primitive structure that the grape plants cover and drape over. It's high enough (chest height?) that you can still get over the top… More

  • Black Beetles with yellow vertical stripes

    My cosmos and pepper plants are geting attacked by some strange beetle it is the size of a japanese bettle but thiner with yellow strips and it moves fast. It seems to dapple the leaves with black spots the they turn brown etc. Any ideas i hit them all with… More