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  • growing vegetables in containers

    I have grown tomatoes usually in the ground over the years and never had this kind of problem. But this is also the first time i have tried to grow beefsteak tomatoes and grape ones. The grape ones seem to be doing fine I am getting alot. But the beefsteak… More

  • Growing Vegetables in FRONT YARD

    I wonder if anyone else grows veggies in their front yard. I do. My Wife rolls her eyes at me for it too. She says it's not supposed to be there just in the backyard. I alway reply "What's the problem, my flowers turn to fruit, ornamental type things on… More

  • Grilled Honey Dijon vegetables

    Ingredients: (mix and match your favorite veggie combos) zucchini, sliced red pepper, chunked yellow squash, sliced large vidalia onion, cut in chunks string beans asparagus new potatoes, quartered eggplant, sliced prepared all natural honey dijon dressing marinate veggies in honey dijon dressing in a container for a few hours or… More

  • Making juice from Fruit and Vegetables.

    Making juice from fruit and vegetables. Durgan's "Juice" Method http://xrl.us/ujtn I suggest the new Canada Food Guide has neglected to mention utilizing the most useful appliance in all Canadian homes- the simple blender. Consumption of more fruit and vegetables is emphasized by the food guide. I have used several juicers… More

  • A vegetarian meal from the garden. Why we grow vegetables.

    .../xrl.us/rmub 7 September 2006. Today I prepared a vegetarian meal from produce in my garden. The vegetables were picked and pulled, cooked and served. The pictures are annotated in the bottom left of the enlarged photograph. The drink was made by beating watermellon and frozen cranberies in the blender. The… More

  • Used to have beautiful vegetables and flowers in Ohio. Now, in NC all i can grow are weeds. But my weeds are huge and healthy.

    I have been trying to find out why my oleander won't bloom. Rest of plant is doing well. Maybe someone here will have an answer. More

  • Can I use former dog run for planting vegetable garden

    ...to use the area where our dog run is for planting vegetables. Is it safe to use due to dog poo and urine. How can I prepare or clean the area to make it safe for planting vegetables. I… More

  • time to plant?

    whats the best time to plant vegetables in alabama? just wondering some people say may some say june! More

  • First Timer

    ...s is the first year I'll be trying to grow my own vegetables. I'd like to start out small with 2 maybe 3 vegetables. I could use some tips for growing in containers and in cooler Pacific Northwest weather. More

  • What fertilzer for container vegetables?

    Last year I did it all wrong. I tried to grow veggies in containers with garden soil and I never fertilized. This year I am going to get a generic potting mix and fertilizer. What fertilizer to I get for container tomatoes, green beans and bell peppers? More

  • copper touching vegetables

    Someone told me that if slugs are bothering a particular plant, to put a copper wire around it, because slugs won't touch copper. Question is, when it rains or whatever, can the copper hurt my plant or the soil? More

  • My vegetables on video.

    This is my allotment in Liverpool UK It is all raised beds and is 3 years old. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=N0m5Qt1ipro You will have to copy and paste the link. I hope you like it. More

  • Herbs next to Vegetables

    I was strolling through some of the articles on GG and found that if you plant an herb called Borage it helped the growth or flavor of tomatoes. I also found that Chamomile and one other help with Cucumbers and Onions. I was wondering if you all knew of any… More

  • Mutant Vegetables

    ...ms like at least once every year while harvesting vegetables, I come accross something that is misshapen or malformed. I bet a lot of other gardeners do too. Here is a picture of a two-pronged carrot I pulled recently. I've shown you mine, now you show me yours! More

  • What vegetables do you plant and why?

    ..."What to Plant" this spring. I'm finding out what vegetables accomplished gardeners plant and why. Please weigh in! More

  • Good vegetables to plant now?

    ...ronment. I was wondering if anyone knows any good vegetables to plant now? More

  • Growing vegetables in a container garden

    ...olina (zone 7, I think) and would love to start a vegetable garden. I'm thinking of starting small (as I have a notoriously black thumb) with some vegetables in containers on my front porch, which is north facing and recieves a… More

  • Turning my vegetables into seeds for next season???

    What is the best method to get the seeds from the veggies? Should they be dried out in the sun? Tomatoes, Green Beans, Peppers, Zucchini................ Thanks More

  • Which herbs/vegetables need a trellis?

    Just wondering which herbs and veggies will need a trellis when they start to grow, apart from tomatoes? Thx More

  • Unusual vegetables Rapegreen

    I have been reading some books about growing vegetables in the south. I've come across one that I never heard of. Rapegreen. Can anyone tell me what this, best conditions for growing and if I can grow it in west Houston? Thanks, Kate More

  • Help with my vegetables

    Hi, I have a few questions about my vegetables i am trying to grow. This is my first year ever trying to do this, so please bare with me. I have tomato, cayenne pepper and broccoli plants. Recently it seems that i have killed them or am killing them. At… More