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Using Compost in Gardens

Using Compost in Gardens Articles

Using Compost in Gardens Videos

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  • "Compost Smoothies"

    ...kitchen blender at the Salvation Army Store. I am using it to chop up kitchen waste before adding it to the compost tumbler. I put egg shells, veggie peelings, etc, in the blender, add a little rain barrel water and hit the puree button on the… More

  • Composting Shredded Paper w/ Ink

    ...l for composting? I've heard something about only using inks that are vegetable-based. More

  • Container Potatoes

    ... going to give it a try, here's my plan I will be using a 24"-28" wide x 24"-28" deep plastic barrel cut in half. Going to put about 8" good compost in the bottom cover with 2" compost and when they sprout and start to the top I… More

  • to fertilize..how often and what kind?

    ...generally use just one kind of fertilizer on your gardens. I'm assuming it's going to depend on what kind of plants you have right? Are there any "oh my gosh, don't buy that!!" kind of fertilizer I should… More

  • What would you do?

    ... the Cascades (Sultan WA) Im a newbe to vegetable gardens and have a few questions. First, I plan on planting in raised beds in an area that has weeds (grasses, clover, moss, etc.) and about 6 inches of soil, then a lot of rocks… More

  • Composter and contents we're moving

    ...without its contents? It's a ~$100 composter from Gardens Alive.… More

  • Composting without a garden

    ...pletely ridiculous idea to try and start a little compost heap, maybe outside in the grounds of our flat? How long do you have to leave it before it… More

  • Using last years marigold seeds will they revert?

    I collected lots of seeds from last years Marigolds (shop bought and grown from seed). I have heard that they may revert to their ancestral type - is this true? I don't want to waste time planting seeds that produce different flowers... Can anyone help me? More

  • I just posted a blog, go see it?? Using mirrors to direct light

    ...a County! I posted a blog asking for advice about using mirrors to direct sunlight onto my garden box which receives no direct light during the winter months. I'm still getting aquainted with this site- should have perhaps posted… More

  • Neighbors cats using my beds for litter boxes!

    I have a problem I'm hoping someone can help me with. We recently moved from the country, in East Texas, where we did not have a problem with neighbor's pets. We now live in a residental neighborhood, where many neighbor's allow their pet cats to roam at night. I have… More

  • Harvesting and Using Fresh Cantalope

    Harvesting and Using Fresh Cantaloupe By Brenda Hyde Cantaloupe, is a muskmelon, as are the Casaba, honeydew, Persian and Crenshaw melons. Growing up I loved cantaloupe more than watermelon. Now, my daughter who is three, can eat half a cantaloupe at a time and definitely rivals my love of this… More

  • NH Gardener

    ...ks. I do a lot of soil ameding and am running two compost bins.I am reclaiming an overgrown area filled with brambles etc. The area has beautiful rocks in it so I… More

  • Leaf mulch?

    ...t to rake leaves - that it becomes a natural lawn compost - I've always worried that too heavy a leaf burden would smother the grass...Any comments? Also, I have a leaf mulcher - what if I chop the fallen… More

  • Gardening Schedule

    ...nformation about gardening. I am a new gardener, just started last year. My husband passed away and it was the only thing that kept me from losing it. I had my dad to help me with schedules and timing for… More

  • Compost Tea for Vegetable Gardening

    ...lab and need to make years worth of amendments. Thus we are looking to go… More

  • Ok to Compost Straw From Rabbit Boxes

    ...ok to add the straw (along with rabbit poo) to my compost bins? I heard on another forum that straw can sometimes be sprayed with a broad leaf herbicide and I have not been able to find out any information on whether or… More

  • Soil tip for container veggies

    ...f Maine gardening soil mixed with additional city compost in several of the containers and those plants have grown 4 inches in a week.… More

  • What is your best Soil Mix

    ...ne more, though my horse poo/oak leaves and chips composted for a year under those old trees ant bad. So here is my new… More

  • The Dark Side of Earthworms

    ...ost likely to be ... the earthworm. I have a worm-composting bin in my basement… More

  • safety of grass clippings from fertilized yard

    ...weed & feed fertilizer applied to it into the compost pile if the intended use of the compost is for a vegetable garden? More

  • Ready Made Composters

    ...omposter. I have a small flower garden that could use compost though. Are there any good brands of composters that any of you could recommend? I don't want to spend a fortune. Thanks, CTFlowers (Robin) More

  • Help me start my new vegetable garden?

    ...n area and I plan to start a vegetable garden. I just moved into a house that has a nice big yard, whereas before I was living in apartments. Here's the thing: The lawn is thick with grass. I'd like to cut out a fairly… More

  • Help me start my new garden!

    ...n area and I plan to start a vegetable garden. I just moved into a house that has a nice big yard, whereas before I was living in apartments. Here's the thing: The lawn is thick with grass. I'd like to cut out a fairly… More

  • We can all do something to help

    Sorry but i need to express my feelings here. People in the world have got greedy, especially Americans. We as Americans take things for granted and we WILL pay for it in the end unless we do something about the polution problem. You can contribute! The smallest amount of time,… More

  • Hello from a southern girl transplanted to the fridgid north!

    ...hich brings my grandmother great pleasure since I used to swear I wanted a yard covered in asphalt! She cant believe I grow my own tomatoes and peppers along with flowers now.… More

  • Using the Forums and Blogs, Read this first!

    FAQ about using the Forums & Blogs Forums and Threads: Sealed envelope: This means that particular thread has not changed since your last visit. Open envelope: This means there have been new posts to the thread since you last visited GG. Sticky: This is what moderators use to attach a… More

  • danger of using olive oil / garlic in canned salsa recipe?

    I canned my first salsa batch using the hot water method. I added garlic and 2 tablespoons of olive oil to my 1/2 gal of chopped tomatos, onions and chili and vinegar. Will the olive oil and garlic make this recipe dangerous? Should I discard the 6 pints of salsa? More

  • Citrus Compost.

    I have been warned against using citrus in compost pile. I have been throwing all types of citrus in there. What are the affects? Does it make my compost more acidic? Do the rinds just take a long time to compost? More

  • Oklahoma Gardens

    Mulched my Blackberries today. More

  • compost heap

    ... behind my garden that i dump any thing that will compost. Does any one else do this ? Every spring i have compost i add to the garden. Really don't have a weed problem doing it this way. More

  • compost bin

    ...apses for easier moving. Now I won't have to keep using my old wash machine tub. :0 More

  • Compost Question

    Okay, I started my compost on August 13th in a rolling type bin. I think it's pretty full & moist (compost sticks together) but it doesn't seem to be doing anything else. There's no odor but last I checked there was still some lettuce in there that still looked like… More

  • A few pics from my gardens

    ...ics. Love your hostas and the composition of your gardens. More

  • Wayside Gardens

    Anyone have anything good or bad to say about them? More

  • My gardens

    ...l...I finally took pictures of all my gardens. I just want to thank you all for helping me identifying the many plants in my gardens. There are still so much coming up, but just wanted to thank you!!!:p More

  • A Few??s from a Compost Newbie

    ...ntilation holes at regular intervals (bought from Gardens Alive on sale). We add coffee grounds and… More

  • how much compost?

    Ok so my flower bed is 12ft by 6ft. How much compost would you add to a clay soil? More

  • my gardens

    ...ome yellow flower i can't remember ,radishes, coleus and spinich plus a few more… More

  • Compost...

    ...ve bitten off more than they can chew in terms of garden space, such things are not sufficient. At a former property I had big maple… More



  • dish gardens

    ...arden planters(only about 4" deep)to use for dish gardens that I sell, any help would be appreciated. Prefer at least 10 at a time if possible… More

  • using vines to shield deck from sun

    ...o the middle floor which is 8' off the ground and using the building for the rear side. I am hoping someone has some advice for… More

  • sweet tea using stevia?

    Has any tried to make sweet tea using stevia? I've heard it is much sweeter than sugar and zero calories. But the "truvia" thats out now is so expensive! I've bought some stevia plants but not sure what to do with the leaves to use them for a sweetener. More

  • Good salad dressing using Olive oil

    ...ve a good recipe to make homemade salad dressings using olive oil. I was told to cut back on my bad fats. Oh darn. More

  • Using lime

    Hello, Last year, I added some lime to my tomatoe plants and they grew beautifully. Can anybody tell me if there are other veggies that I can add lime to that will assist in the growing? More

  • A Beginner’s Guide To Saving Tomato Seeds Using Fermentation

    ...A_Beginner%E2%80%99s_Guide_To_Saving_Tomato_Seeds_Using_Fermentation Copy and paste into browser More

  • Watering using old bottles

    ...ter size, with either tiny holes in the bottom or using string as a wick, and then watering buy topping up the bottles instead of using lots of water. It is supposed to save a… More

  • Aurora's Gardens

    My flower pot fountain Part of a shade bed Sunny bed Work in progress full-sun bed Another part of a shade bed More

  • My backyard gardens

    ...e since I moved it to the garden up against the house. Look at all those buds! The plant is 2 feet high. More

  • Ocean Gardens

    Does anyone else live at the beach? There are specific problems to growing flowers and veggies by the ocean. Let's share our success's and our dilemma's. More

  • compost problems

    ...my first garden ever. My mom and I also started a compost pile, but quickly realized we were in over our heads.… More

  • My compost pile

    ...ng... Yea.... I was turning it the other day, a mouse ran out from underneath and then I saw at the end of my pitch fork a smaller one.. :( I didn't see it yesterday, maybe they moved. I have to… More

  • New gardens at our acreage

    Hi All, Last summer we moved to 3.4 acres. Mostly weedy and some compacted, weedy, crappy lawn. I'm looking for resources for ideas - links, photos, forums to help me plan what to do with all this space. We have some things done, see photos. All ideas welcome! first is… More