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USDA Hardiness Zones

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  • Hello from Angelus Oaks, CA

    ..., and getting some great advice! According to the USDA I live in zone 7, however the Sunset Western Garden Book says I live in zone 2b. Talk about confusing:confused: Either way I don't really have a garden yet… More

  • Covering a chainlink fence in zone 3b?

    Sorry for the confusion folks, USDA says I'm in zone 7B. I just found out. My Sunset Garden Book said I was in zone 3b in their book. I thought they were all the same... I could use some help... I live in the San Bernardino mountains of Southern California… More

  • Living on the MOON in Zone 8

    ...ead any further...I made a mistake with my Zone...USDA puts me in Zone 7, but the Sunset Garden Book puts me in 2B. I don't know which one to use. I live in the mountains near Big Bear, California, so I get snow… More

  • greetings all

    :banana-wa dagu of zone 5 (according to the new usda map)....longtime gardener, dreaming of organic herb farming, always looking for things to learn and tricks to try...will share what i am able...happy to be here... More

  • Has anyone else heard?

    ...ture magazine there is an article saying that the USDA is putting out an updated Plant Hardiness Zone Map. Has anyone else heard this? More

  • Two Zones...Which one am I?

    ...stions; my first is what zone am I? I went to the USDA site, and it tells me I'm in zone 7b, but I looked up my zone in the Sunset Garden Book, and it says I'm in zoneMore

  • Guess My Name!

    Hint: Grows in USDA Zones 9b--11 72807 GOOD LUCK :banana-wa More

  • USDA zone changes

    ...ames gardening show that the USDA has changed the hardiness zones. They changed it in 2003. The only map I could find I couldn't tell that much about it. I did google it and found a site that gave some of the cities that were changed… More