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Types of Soil

Types of Soil Articles

  • Types of Iris Flowers

    ...e range of growing conditions. The four principal types of iris flowers include… More

  • Types of Roses

    A wannabe rose gardener is faced with a lot of decisions when choosing what… More

  • Types of Shrubs

    ... take many factors into account, such as climate, soil preference, sunlight, size, shape… More

  • 3 Types of Soil

    People often take soil for granted, but without healthy soil, growing healthy plants is… More

Types of Soil Videos

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  • Avocado Plant

    ...y. They like to be moist but not saturated. Use a soil medium that drains quickly as they resent "wet-feet"...I've always added horticultural grade sand to mine. African Violet mix… More

  • Parasites (not for the squemish)

    ...milies pets. Here is a web site that tells of the types of parasites that can be found in our gardens if cats or… More

  • First Post

    ...orward to sharing seeds and information about all types of gardening. I live south of Albuquerque, NM in a small rural community on 10 irrigated permanent pasture acres. The house area is on 1.87 acres. Before I moved, about a… More

  • Blueberries help for a newb?

    ... blue. I have just learned that I will need other types of bushes if I want… More

  • Tree suggestions needed

    ...ide yard now for a smaller sized tree. It is good soil - right now it is a moist area because I haven't hooked my gutter up to a line taking it to the road- so I can go with a water lover or a… More

  • Roma tomato bottom rot

    ...m and then topped off with a mix of Scotts Garden Soil and Scotts Moisture Control Soil. Also I have a wide variety of bell peppers mixed in. The reason for this… More

  • A question about flower seeds!

    ...s site and I just started buying plants and seeds/soil. I don't know a lot at all about plants/flowers, except that I love their beauty. One thing I don't understand are some directions on the flower seed packets I… More

  • First time growing green beans (bush) and bell and sweet/caynne peppers in containers

    ...ontainers are but they hold an 8lb bag of potting soil. There's only 1 plant in each pot. Is the pot big enough? Now to the green… More

  • Photos of my Raised Beds as Promised

    ...nge in the desert to have a vegetable garden. The soil is not very good and quite alkaline and gets as hard as a rock. The mixture I use is one third organic compost, one third peat moss and… More

  • tomato? again

    It seems I'm retarded when it comes to tomato plants.. :o I have two plants in large pots. One is doing great and the other is not. I do exactly the same thing to them so I'm confused as to why one has it's leaves turning purple and the other… More

  • An Ozark newbie oldie

    Hi all , I am new here as of a couple of days ago . I am familiar with forums , having been on GW for 3 years . I read through the member stats , and see there are several that are further up in the years than I… More

  • Help: Which Soil Is Best: Potting? Garden? Planting Mix?

    ...12'x3'x1') for vegetables. I need to fill it with soil, but unsure what to buy at my local box store. Seems like I have choices ranging from: Potting soil,… More

  • Prepping the soil How long can that take?

    ...oes anyone know how long it will take to prep the soil before I can start growing anything? Keep in mind the area has… More

  • What is your best Soil Mix

    I have mixed several types of soil mixes for my containers, raised beds and ground planting type gardening, so given the test I'm going to try one more, though my horse poo/oak leaves and chips composted for a year under those old trees ant bad. So here is my new… More

  • Wintering mint

    ...owing the potted violets. I must have resued some soil/potting mix. Anyway now I need to know what I should for the winter. Should I… More

  • Newbie Container Gardener

    ...of questions. I'm hoping I can get some help with types of… More

  • So I bought some organic tomatoes from the farmers market.. can I plant them?

    ...ey are heirlooms not hybrids. I chose 4 different types ranging from yellow pear shaped to purple/greenish. I am curious to see if they will grow from the fruit… More

  • Sweet Peas

    ...et Peas. 2005 and 2006 I planted different brands/types. There was one result virtually none were ever seen again. My soil tends to be alkaline (I am working on it), but just barely… More

  • Shasta Daisy

    ...ed 2 Shasta Daisy plants along with several other types of plants. Both Daisy plants were purchased at the same time and place and both are planted in the same soil and get the same amount of sun and water. One… More

  • Who Knows Soil??

    ...12'x3'x1') for vegetables. I need to fill it with soil, but unsure what to buy at my local box store. Seems like I have choices ranging from: Potting soil,… More

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