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Types of Greenhouses

Types of Greenhouses Articles

Types of Greenhouses Videos

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  • Newbie to indoor seed starting

    And I'm starting on a large scale. We've (my husband and I) usually began with nursery plants for the flower beds, and seeds for the garden. Last year we decided to start our own from seeds. The thing is, for Memorial Day, I help plant flowers on my grandparents and… More

  • 2 year old Phlox sp. seed experiment

    ...got home from work today and made a simple little greenhouse to get as many started as possible. I had seeds from parents with; dark red, white, pink&white, red&white flowers, and… More

  • Solar opener

    ...any way to attach a opener to a sliding door of a greenhouse so the door can still be opened manually? What I have been doing for years is look at what the day's weather is like and open the door a crack… More

  • tell me about greenhouses in cold temps

    ... simply don't understand is how those of you with greenhouses (of any type) grow things in winter. By winter I don't mean those of you living in zone 10 or warmer, but those of you with bone chillingly cold winters like me… More

  • flower problems at a school greenhouse!

    Hello! I am a teacher and I run a small greenhouse at my school. We have had a few problems with flowers that I would like to figure out so we can try them again next year. First, My kids and I decided to make baskets using plain red geraniums… More

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