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Types of Fertilizer

Types of Fertilizer Articles

Types of Fertilizer Videos

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  • Roma tomato bottom rot

    I have 3 varieties of tomatoes growing in extremely large patio pots half filled with mulch in the bottom and then topped off with a mix of Scotts Garden Soil and Scotts Moisture Control Soil. Also I have a wide variety of bell peppers mixed in. The reason for this… More

  • Newbie trying first herb garden! Need advice aplenty!!

    I want to try growing herbs this year. Since this will be my first attempt at them I wish to start small and I have a lot of questions. I'm thinking a few clay or plastic pots on the front porch steps, which would be best? And maybe hanging baskets??… More

  • Sweet Peas

    ...et Peas. 2005 and 2006 I planted different brands/types. There was one result virtually none were ever seen again. My soil tends to be alkaline (I am working on it), but just barely… More

  • 2 year old Phlox sp. seed experiment

    A week ago I decided to see if my old seeds would still germinate... well they did yesterday! I got home from work today and made a simple little greenhouse to get as many started as possible. I had seeds from parents with; dark red, white, pink&white, red&white flowers, and… More

  • avacado

    If you just brought it in, then it's probably in shock...it's normal for any plant coming indoors (or going outdoors) if there wasn't any slow adjustment to the new conditions. Keep you Avocado in as best light you can give it until spring and water sparingly ...not dry but not… More

  • probs with zuks

    sallauri: The night that I was born, my mother had just been to the movies, (1948, telling my age) and saw a movie with the movie stars, Sheila Graham and Lorraine Day. That night I was born, and that is what she named me--Sheila Lorraine. It was not until I… More

  • Starting tomatos from seed

    Subject: Starting Tomato Seeds+++ a friend sent this to me. Date: 01/06/2000 11:33 AM Eastern Daylight Time By: Carolyn Male There's no one way to start seeds but there are a few things that MUST be done or you tempt fate. Translate, you have lousy or dead seedlings. LOL First,… More

  • Hi from Eastern Massachusetts

    Hello all, I hapened on your site less than a week ago and after making several posts on other threads, just found the Introductions forum today . So, I thought i should post here and say hi. I have to admit that I haven't always liked gardening. Growing up, my… More

  • Practical Aspects of Herb Gardening

    Herbs have been around since time immemorial and served different kinds of purposes. They have been used to treat illness and flavour cooking; they were even believed to have magical powers. Do you want to have your own herb garden? Here are a few ideas on how to establish an… More

  • Plant Talk, Can You Handle It?

    Let's start with your Garden Vegetables having a say it this thing, Tom(the tomato), Cat(the cabbage), Lilly(the lettuce), No, we better just let Tom have his say, GT. "OK Tom whats the deal, that slow growing thing you got going on ?" Tom, "GT, glad we can speak freely here,… More

  • Cimicifuga not doing well

    I bought a big and beautiful cimicifuga (snakeroot?) last year and put it in a shaded garden in the backyard. It had lots of big blooms, and started putting up shoots this spring, but then petered out - it is half the plant it was when I took it out… More

  • Fertilizing new seedlings

    ...weeks old. When can I give them liquid plant food/fertilizer? What type is best? More

  • Newbie to indoor seed starting

    And I'm starting on a large scale. We've (my husband and I) usually began with nursery plants for the flower beds, and seeds for the garden. Last year we decided to start our own from seeds. The thing is, for Memorial Day, I help plant flowers on my grandparents and… More

  • tomato? again

    It seems I'm retarded when it comes to tomato plants.. :o I have two plants in large pots. One is doing great and the other is not. I do exactly the same thing to them so I'm confused as to why one has it's leaves turning purple and the other… More

  • Zukes and Cukes

    I was just wondering what type of fertilizer I should use for zuchinni and cucumbers and how often.. I've seen info online that suggests a 1-2-2 ratio or 1-1-1. Being that my fish fertilizer is 5-1-1, I don't think that would be the right choice. What do you guys/gals use? More

  • Cedar Hedges

    Hello All, I am completely new to the gardening game. I went into the country and picked up a few dozen cedar trees from a friend who has acres of land. Dug a trench, might be too deep, filled it with water, planted the trees....now what? I want them to… More

  • Rose seedling??

    I started a pkg of wild rose seeds last summer... the seed company told me it could take 2-3 years for the seeds to germinate, but I think 1 has germinated this wk!!! (There's a seedling in there, and I used brandnew soil) So my ?? is how do I… More

  • Arbrovitae dying?

    ... watered them per nurserys instructions, and just fertilized them last week. Is this… More

  • Hydrangea leaves no flowers

    For the second year in a row I have a lot of leaves and no flowers on two different Hydrangea bushes in two different places. One gets a fair amount of sun; the other not so much but a bit. Are Hydrangeas heavy feeders -- any special tips on what… More

  • Potatoes "Time to Cover"

    ...about 12" high, I side-dressed them with a little fertilizer and tillered the Row compost and covered those babies… More