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Tropical Garden

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  • I need an ID for this plant please

    ...nt is actually a weed that keeps popping up in my garden and I actually like it and have always wondered what it is. But now I also need to know what it is due… More

  • Spring Under Glass at Stonecrop Garden, Cold Spring, NY

    STONECROP Gardens ANNOUNCES A CURE FOR THE WINTER BLUES Spring under Glass from March 23-28, 2009 Come to Stonecrop and leave winter behind for good! Starting Monday, March 23rd, one of the first days of spring, Stonecrop Gardens will open a week early for a special celebration of Spring under… More

  • Crystal's Garden In New Zealand

    ...e here in my part of the world is considered semi tropical, Zone 10 I am told. We moved from Hawkes Bay to Otane on Christmas Day 2005.… More

  • New Summer Home Hardy Tropical Plants in Sandy Soil? Zone 7

    Hi Everyone, My parents recently purchased a summer home in South Eastern NJ as a get away the whole family could enjoy. With Fathers Day coming up, and as a way to say thank you, I was thinking of doing a little landscaping at the house. I wanted it to… More


    ... this was a barren spot. This year, I have my own tropical garden. I'm going to hate to see Fall set in. I know I'm going to have to dig them up and force them into dormancy. Oh well, I love… More

  • Mystery Plant #57.5

    Tropical More

  • New to you :o)

    ...ing to turn my tiny corner of the universe into a tropical oasis. I love Brugmansias, cannas and Elephant ears .. so most of my gardenMore

  • Hello from Oakland, California

    Hello fellow gardeners. I am new to garden guides and just found out about the introduction forum and thought I would stop by and say hello. I have been gardening in my current location for the past 7 years now and the garden in looking very good these days, I… More

  • Need help with hibiscus cuttings, please.

    ...talus & grow them in pots, as I do not have a garden. This hibiscus grows into a tall bush. It was pruned a while ago & there is a great deal of new, healthy regrowth. The climate in the region… More

  • New mystery plant

    I am a sub tropical tree. More

  • Giant seed, or tropical/exotic fruit?

    ...e a small stem on the top, maybe its some kind of tropical fruit? One of my mom's students gave it to her, but no explanation of where it came from. Reminds me of one of those bumpy balls that fall… More

  • Chris's garden

    Hi, I just joined the Garden guides thanks to my good Garden friend Andrea. I just got a 6 X 8ft greenhouse and am ready to start seeds. Any advice please let me know. Going to the PNW Garden Show in February can't wait. I live in Corvallis Or the… More

  • Tropical Plant Identification Request

    I am assuming that they are both tropical. I have a before and after on the tree. Thanks in advance. Largo Mike More

  • Tropical Flair

    :D Hi everyone ! I LOVE tropical Plant's, Beautiful, Exotic ,striking colors ,you named it ! For those who have the same interest as I do here :0 ,Please post your favorite tropical plant of any kind ,so we can share it together ! I would love to see your… More

  • Houseplant/Tropical maybe

    Zuzu, any of you smart ones have any idea what this is? and the stamens I guess that is what they are sticking out isn't it? Possibly a bloom? Someone sent this to me to identify and I am striking out. Sure appreciate the help. More

  • Tropical Butterflies at Victoria Butterfly World

    Here's a few shots from the butterfly garden in Victoria, BC, on Vancouver Island. More

  • problem with tropical hibiscus

    I have a tropical hibiscus. Last year it bloomed well. This year it hasn't bloomed at all. There is a problem with some of the leaves. They are turning yellow, then brown, and then they shrivel up. Does anyone have any idea what's causing that? More

  • Tropical Fruit Nursery

    ...t too far from where I live that has all kinds of tropical fruits. It has the best web-site for tropical plants I have ever seen. Here is a link to the site: http://www.tropicalfruitnursery.com/fruitproducts_ab.htm Even if you are not interested in purchasing, breeze through their… More

  • Tropical Hibiscus Care

    I've inherited this plant from my Mom. Their place only gets western light, very limited late afternoon sun. As a result the plant got leggy and didn't bloom again this year (it did a year ago when she first got it). I've got it on the balcony outside the kitchen,… More

  • Tropical Jungle Vine

    Hi all, So I was driving the other day, coming back for work, passing thru our Metropolitan Park, which is a rainforest jungle, and decided to finally take a picture of a plant that I always see. I had always thought that the plant was called "bejuco" in Spanish. But… More

  • Sticky Leaves on a tropical tree

    Hi all! I have a question about a tree that my boss has in his office. He said it's an orange tree, I'm not sure if there are different kinds? Anyway, he had taken it outside and sprayed it with what they thought were spider mites and left it out… More

  • Disappointed with tropical lily from Trickers

    I bought my first tropical water lily from Trickers this spring- and hoped to have lovely blue flowers- the plant arrived with 2 nice big buds on it, ready to bloom, so I planted it in a pot, fed it, in the pond it went- now nothing- the buds have… More

  • Tropical Gardens in Colder zones

    ...anyone actually as crazy as I am?? I have tons of tropicals that I drag in and out every year. They are so lovely in the garden and I think worth… More