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Tilling & Cutting Weeds

Tilling & Cutting Weeds Articles

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  • What is a good, spreading groundcover for flower beds?

    I originally put this on a blog but then I found forums. I have a flower bed (72 ft long x 16 ft wide) in the front of my property that is the first thing people see when they come down my road. I have lots of bulbs planted in… More

  • Preparing soil for next year

    ...up a shovel and loosen up the soil, mixing in the weeds (I intend on doing that tomorrow as well) I was wondering… More

  • Organic Weed control

    Hi everyone, This will be my first year attempting to garden as I have never had a yard before. I have done the herb garden indoors and am great with house plants so I am so excited to dive into this. Everything else in my life is organic so naturally,… More

  • Oxalis weeds arrgh!!

    ...e, watered them, then 2 weeks later i have Oxalis weeds sprouting up. I hate hate hate hate hate these, plus some other weeds i cant tell what they are yet!! How do… More

  • planting creeping phlox

    ...t use it laid "around" the base of the main plant till it starts… More

  • eyesore grass (good for hey ride though)

    ...o grow lawn grass. It started fine. I removed all weeds, tilled the soil. Planted seed and watered until they ppped and started to grow grass. It was nice and beautifully green. Then my husband purchased a… More

  • Help with garden weed?

    ...is viney weed keeps popping up in my garden, I've tilled it under, hoed it up and it keeps coming back. It aggresively spreads across the surface and I haven't been able to keep it away, but it pulls up pretty easily...any idea what it is?? Thanks!! More

  • Thistle in the veggie garden!

    ... in that space and I had hoped that with a lot of weeding, etc. that I could stay on top of it in my veggie… More

  • Thistle!

    I posted this over in the veggie forum, but perhaps some fellow Pac. N. Western folks might have some advice as well. This being the first year here I really didn't prepare properly last fall when I cleared my garden area. There was a lot of thistle in that space… More

  • Spiders!!!

    Yesterday I removed the cover off our grill and a huge Black Widow was right by the propane tank handle. I ALMOST grabbed it when I reached to turn on the grill. This is the 4th BW I have killed in about the last 6 months. The last one was… More

  • new pics of the veggies

    I had been wanting to put some manure on my garden but just didn't get to it this spring. I was at the grocery store the other day and they had bags of manure (40lbs). I stopped to look at it and considered buying some to spread in the fall.… More

  • Insect life?

    How much insect life is normal in a compost bin? I have a 100 gal plastic storage bin with about 200 dime sized drainage holes drilled in the top sides and bottom. I have only turned my compost a few times all summer. But i did yesterday and a watermelon… More

  • New in Zone 5, Chicago Area

    Hi! This is a great forum. We've bought our first house with an overgrown yard and garden space and I've already gotten great advice for roses and honeysuckle here. I've been gardening in containers in apartments for years, so having a yard and garden is great. We have a lot… More

  • Critters in milk jugs?

    When i planted my garden i put upside down milk jugs between my tomato plant to slow water and it is working great. But the jugs seem to attract critters. Am i the only one who is trapping critter in the jugs. So far i have caught and released 2… More

  • New gardens at our acreage

    Hi All, Last summer we moved to 3.4 acres. Mostly weedy and some compacted, weedy, crappy lawn. I'm looking for resources for ideas - links, photos, forums to help me plan what to do with all this space. We have some things done, see photos. All ideas welcome! first is… More

  • Zenith Zoysia Seeded June 21st 2009.

    ...ed lawn june 2 - june 21 2009. Cleaning out rock, weeds, everything. I added Sulfur because my soil test said PH was around 8. I did not add anything else to soil, just till it about 6 inches deep horizontal and vertically a few times. I planted zenith zoysia… More

  • Can St. Augustine be overseeded with Bahia?

    I have 10,000 sf of St. Augustine and weeds in Central Florida. I want to get rid of the weeds, but I swear I will never plant another plug or piece of sod, so I got this idea to mix in a seedable grass. Bahia looks like the best match,… More

  • Kathy's Southern Ohio Garden

    I moved into my first house six years ago and was so excited to finally have a lot of space to plant. Before that I was limited to containers and shade only plants. One of my goals is to have something blooming from April through October. Here are my areas:… More

  • garden mulch

    ... have numerous maple trees in my yard.I have been tilling their leaves into my veggy garden.Do these leaves bother certain plants? I was told that a chemical in maple leaves may have adverse effects on some veggys. More

  • Lasagna Beds an overview

    ...similar fencing), that you walk down the rows and weed, weed, weed. 1) I… More

  • Attempts at a garden :)

    ...lled the utilities to have their mark and I'll be tilling this weekend/beg of next week. I'm in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Zone 6B with a North facing front yard. More

  • To till or not to till what should I do?

    Well spring has sprung in Upstate NY and it is time to get out and starting getting the garden ready for my veggies! My issue is this: Poor soil in yard...so hubby dug large hole (10 feet by 30 feet about 3 feet deep) with his backhoe (he is heavy… More

  • Ok I Have One For You!!

    ... grew 3 yrs in a row in the same place,even after tilling and all. Anyclue?? They all seem to look like corn but a complete different texture and shade of green . Thanks.. Kale:) More

  • Mulching Onions?

    ...nions have taken off well, but noticed the little weeds also have taken off as well, on my hands and knees I with Maggie's… More

  • Rototillers

    ...ne years. It's like that "Energizer Bunny", keeps tilling & tilling. Anybody else had good luck with a tiller? Paul zone3 More

  • too late to plant grass seed and shrubs?

    ...rsey and have spent the past 5 weeks cleaning and tilling out my lawn until it is the cleanest, nicest dirt in all of our area. the trouble is it took us so much longer to prepare the… More

  • Strawberries

    I'm hoping someone here may know the answer to this question, I went out on the web to look up strawberry growing in hanging containers and found some informatin. What I am really looking for is if I container plant them in hanging pots, what do I do over the… More

  • Compost...

    Bins and tumblers I think are ok for folks who live on city lots, have limited space and all. For folks like me who have bitten off more than they can chew in terms of garden space, such things are not sufficient. At a former property I had big maple… More

  • Newbie checking in!

    So here I am, first post. I figured the board needed more input from the great Northwest, I have seen a few on here from my general zone so at least I'm not alone here. I spend most of my garden time growing veggies, with a few flowers thrown in… More

  • weird corn

    We planted corn in the last week of May or 1st week of June. The farmer next door planted his corn a week before us and his is a normal height. He didn't water his, and I don't know if he's getting ears yet. But ours is half the height… More

  • rototiller questions

    ...s to get close to the same result. Self propelled tillers were suggested. I want… More

  • Gardening in the ground

    ...ly, but I really don't know what to do: I will be tilling up my flower bed by hand in a few days with a hoe and a shovel. Currently my "flower bed" is covered in grass and decomposing leaves. do I… More

  • How good is my smil?

    Okay ive been digging in my raised garden bed tilling the soil and taking out reg rocks and clay rocks. Im thinking i need to add more than just my Greenall soil booster to make it deep enough to plant my narcissus and pansy's and chrysanthemums. Should i add some… More

  • compost and tilling questions.

    Ok i have a ton of questions. I'm a complete idiot when it comes to this stuff. Here are my questions concerning composting and soil: Composting: 1) I have a dog so I would need to somehow make a compost pile that he couldn't get into. Is it easier to… More