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  • Thyme storage help for first timer.

    :confused: Hello all, I have several thyme plants that have really taken off. It's the first time I've planted thyme, so now I don't know what to do with it all! How long will it stay fresh in the fridge? Will I have to dry the rest? I do prefer… More

  • Need Help Growing Thyme In A Container

    ...that if I don't forget about them I kill them. My thyme is in a pot in the kitchen. I'm always forgetting to water it cause it is with my aloe. I'll take better care of it as soon as it goes outside again.… More

  • Thyme how to trim in spring?

    ... I've been out tending to the gardens. I'm new to thyme and am not sure if I should trim it down to the soil, leave a little bit, or simply leave it alone. Any suggestions?… More

  • Lemon Thyme

    I bought a small container of lemon thyme and am growing it in a pot. When it finally grows, how will I dry it for the winter? From reading the other posts I think your plants sound much more leafy than mine. Could someone please describe the leaves to me.… More

  • Thyme Questions

    .... Secondly, I have some questions. I planted some Thyme over the summer and its been great. I use it in foods I cook… More

  • Deciding how many creeping thyme plants I need for the garden

    ...he patio. Right now, I am leaning toward creeping thyme. Our garden area is roughly 120 square feet. Does anyone have… More

  • weeds between paving stones

    I am trying to establish thyme between paving stones (I"m in my third year, and it's slow 'growing', haha). I keep getting crabgrass and other weeds landing in between the stones and it's hard to keep up with it. I'm afraid to spray a weed preventer, because I'm not sure… More

  • how to plant a garden

    How To Plant Your Garden First, you Come to the garden alone, while the dew is still on the roses.... FOR THE GARDEN OF YOUR DAILY LIVING, PLANT THREE ROWS OF PEAS: 1. Peace of mind 2. Peace of heart 3. Peace of soul PLANT FOUR ROWS OF SQUASH: 1.… More

  • Thyme in my yard

    I am completely new to gardening and just started my own herb/vegetable garden. I bought rosemary seeds, but shortly after, I discovered that two of the plants in my front yard are rosemary bushes. Are these safe to use as food? If so, how do I harvest/store? More

  • Thyme

    ...ave a question. Everything I read says to harvest Thyme before flowering. Mine is already starting to flower, I bought the little plant about a month ago and put it in a bigger containter---so I should go ahead and start harvesting? And how far down do I… More

  • when to plant creeping thyme seed

    ...lant a ground cover quickly. Can I plant creeping thyme from seed right now? I am in zone 7. More

  • creeping thyme

    I want to plant some thyme in between flagstone on a patio. It's a southern exposure in a very hot summer sun. I had some before but it all shriveled up after a few years. It would bloom beautifully in the Spring with purple blossoms, prospered for a few years,… More

  • Chemical weeding that won't kill thyme??

    I am establishing thyme between my patio paving stones, and grasses keep plopping themselves where I have already weeded by hand. This has got to stop! :mad: Are there any chemical weeders that thyme won't be killed by??? More

  • Groundcover Thyme from Seed?

    ...lan on filling in a brick path with a groundcover thyme like elfin thyme. It seems to me that seeding between the bricks would give me good coverage, but I've only read about using plugs of thymeMore

  • Lemon Thyme

    My lemon thyme's looking ratty with lots of dead stems and very few leaves. Will it fill in when we finally get some decent weather or is it time to yank them? They're about 3 years old. More

  • Lemon Thyme

    Is anyone growing lemon thyme this year? I have only seen it for sale as a plant, so it must be hard to start from seed. The big nursery that carried it sometimes closed last year. I bought it a year ago, but my garden was neglected last summer while… More

  • Parsley, sage, rosemary, or thyme?

    ...ould fit inside. I'll need to check it out. Would thyme make it through the summer in such a small pot? More

  • Which variety of Thyme?

    :( We realized we planted "woolly Thyme". The internet says it is used to fill in cracks between rocks and walk ways. Can we use it for cooking? Southern California Newbie More

  • easiest way to propagate lots of thyme

    ...te by accident, an easy-peasy way to grow LOTS of thyme for paving stones/groundcover without breaking the bank buying it - we have been trying to get thyme to grow between the paving stones of our patio - we are not even 1/2-way done and… More

  • Thyme varieties: do you use wooly thyme?

    ... thing that we did by mistake was to plant "wooly thyme". When we read about it, it says it is for landscape filling in between rocks and such. But it does not… More

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