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Tea Tree

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  • You will love this I know

    :broccoli::dancing t :banana-wa The only things I am sure I can eat ///// I have a mix I have been making for years now. It works like magic. To Feed plants, debug, de-thatch lawn, wash leaves, cause nutrients to penetrate to the roots, all in one The formula is like… More

  • Culinary and Medicinal Herbs

    I am giving another presentation at work next weekend...here is what I have come up with. This is the long version with some of the interesting tidbits included. For the handout I will scale it down to 3 pages. Culinary and Medicinal Herbs Anise Annual, Height: 18 to 24 inches… More

  • What type of herbs for me?

    ...n the west (front) of our home. There is a mimosa tree in that bed that provides much needed shade from the afternoon sun. The bed has previously held vinca - which I spent 3 years removing - much to 'snake-y' for me.… More

  • Tennessee birding

    Today was sort of different -- some cat I have never seen before has decided to stake out my yard. The other day I tried to feed it hoping that a full kitty would not eat my birds but he disdained the hotdog I chopped up and stalked off. Today… More

  • New 'cat in town

    ...den perennials, vegetables, annual flowers, fruit trees/shrubs, and bonsai. I'm just a bonsai-beginner (only 3-5 year old trees), and I'm slowly getting the feel for proper form. It… More

  • New Roses To Plant

    ...ut to plant my first roses. I have five beautiful tea roses and the only spot I can plant them in is around my pecan tree in my backyard. They would get full sun there but I'm wondering...will the pecan treeMore

  • Butterfly Weed has Aphids

    ...ar my Butterfly Weed got aphids as well. I used a tea tree oil solution that I found online but I did not see any response. (What I mean by response is them leaving or dying.) My guess is the ants thought it was new, spicy milk. I… More

  • Pomegranate

    ...eing to get more next year. I've given it coffee, tea and fruit tree food lol. More