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  • sunflowers

    i'd just like any sunflower info you can give me, pls! saw the seeds at the store and thought, 'well, that's a good idea!' but really have no knowledge. chucked a few seeds in each pot about 6 wks ago, and my plants are almost 5 ft high! nice big… More

  • Sunflowers?

    There's this post in Over the Fence. I thought it should go somewhere else, but I'm confused as to which topic it's best suited to. Any help? Thank you http://my.gardenguides.com/forums/topic/47961 More

  • sunflowers

    :0 Can I plant sunflower seeds in August for a November blooming? More

  • Caterpillars on sunflowers and black eyed susans

    ...y, I'm new to this. I have caterpillars eating my sunflowers in the backyard. Now I see the same ones on my black-eyed susans in the front yard. How can this be treated without taking the plant out? Thank you for any advice. More

  • sunflower in a containter?

    Can I plant sunflowers in a pot? I don't have a planting area yet, but I'm dying to try them. More

  • Sunflower Seeds

    I know that sunflowers may not be considered perennuals, although mine did reseed from last year, but if I take the seeds out of the heads and let them dry out some and replant them next year, can I expect that I would get more sunflowers from them next year.… More

  • seed trade

    ...e knots shasta daisy morning glory grape hyacinth sunflowers blood root organic radish cantalope marigolds flocks sweet william pansy columbine Seeds I would like; Dwarf sunflowers; Teddy Bear (yellow) Double Dandy ( red ) Fiesta Del Sol ( orange… More

  • Help! I'm a gardening newbie!

    Will the sunflowers I planted come back every year or will I have to re-plant the seeds when it't time? And, when is the best time to plant sunflower seeds? More

  • Sunflower Seeds

    I'm after some advice about sunflowers :-) A friend told me that once my flower head is "drooping" then i have to cut it off and allow it to dry out so that l can then pick the seeds off - is this true? This is my first time at… More

  • Sunflowers

    I grew some giant sunflowers this summer. They are huge. Once the bacs turned a dark yellow, I cut the tops off and hung them. They have been p for several weeks now but I'm concerned b/c there is a fuzzy mold covering them. Is this common and onced washed… More

  • planting sunflowers

    I went to a sunflower maze today and I was able to pick a sunflower to bring home. Is there any way to plant it now that it's been cut?? TIA More

  • Deer love sunflowers. :(

    I had some really nice sunflowers grown from seed that were about 2 ft. high. I thought since they had gotten through the bird-eating stage that they were sure to make it. Then, the other day, I noticed that all the nice leaves on top were eaten off. :( I… More

  • Teddy Bear Sunflowers

    I think that Teddy Bear sunflowers are the ones I bought at the beginning of the season to give to my grandkids to plant. They should have lots of flowers and look almost like crysanthemums. Yours may be that but mine turned out to be just minature sunflowers with one… More

  • sunflowers

    I need some advice on planting Sunflowers and can't find the info I need anywhere.Can anybody here help me??? More

  • Sunflowers

    Will the sunflowers I planted come up every year or will I have to replant them again if I want them? I planted the seeds I believe in June and they came up beautifully. When is the best time to plant them again? And, is there a certain way to… More

  • Sunflowers indoors

    Well..I did it. The sunflowers (not mammoth kind) about 18 inches tall I started indoors in mid march have flower buds on them..and yes..they are still indoors. By the time I get them outside they will be done flowering! More

  • Sunflowers outdoors

    ... afternoon., I am having a little trouble with my sunflowers this year, Iplanted them a few weeks ago and it doesnt seem to be growing very fast, not like last year I was just wondering why?:cool: More

  • Favorite Sunflowers

    Hi I was wondering if anyone else out there loves Sunflowers? I'm still planting them. So far I've planted: lemon queen, moulin rouge, autumn sun and kong. I love the red ones. I forgot to buy vanilla ice this year but that is one of my favorites! More

  • giant sunflowers

    Anyone else out there grows giant sunflowers? Always looking for new seeds, or information on varieties. Here are a couple pics of some of my sunflowers http://www.gardenpics.com/photos/data/500/botts_row_08_12_05.JPG http://www.gardenpics.com/photos/data/500/botts_14ft_PA_08_14_04.jpg http://www.gardenpics.com/photos/data/500/botts_14ft_NJ_8_2_04.jpg http://www.gardenpics.com/photos/data/500/botts14ft_house_PA_8_14_04.JPG http://www.gardenpics.com/photos/data/500/CRAVEN_15FT_NJ_8_19_02.JPG http://www.gardenpics.com/photos/data/500/CRAVEN_L13FT_R12FT_NJ_2002.JPG http://www.gardenpics.com/photos/data/500/craven15ft_NJ_2002.jpg http://www.gardenpics.com/photos/data/500/rhgs_13ft_08_09_05.JPG http://www.gardenpics.com/photos/data/500/crav_stem_8_23_04.jpg More

  • Sunflowers!

    My husband and I love sunflowers. So fun to watch grow and just a happy-looking plant! More