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  • Heliopsis False Sunflower

    Hi all - in zone 5 and last year I bought Bressingham Doubloon & Loraine Sunshine heliopsis and so far they are not out of the ground. I was wondering if anyone knew if these appear later in my zone? They are in mid day shade from a fence and… More

  • Prairie sunflower

    Even though these tend to lay over and loll around, aren't they pretty? I got the seeds from Park several years ago, but can't remember the botanical name (sue me), probably some kind of helianthus. They come back from the root and bloom all along the whole stem. I love… More

  • help!! sunflower sos!!

    help! it's very windy out and one of my poor sunflowers got bent right over and there's a big split in the stem! is there anything i can do to save it? didn't know what to do so wrapped some surgical tape tightly around it (!) - i'm probably nuts.… More

  • Sunflower Seeds

    I know that sunflowers may not be considered perennuals, although mine did reseed from last year, but if I take the seeds out of the heads and let them dry out some and replant them next year, can I expect that I would get more sunflowers from them next year.… More

  • multi bloom sunflower

    i have a rogue! turns out that one of the sunflowers i planted this year is a 'multi-header' - woohoo! i know it isn't a 'bird bonus' because i transplanted it to the front garden from a pot in the back about 6 weeks ago. he's about 4ft right now… More

  • dwarf sunflower issues.

    I bought this plant on impulse to put in a yellow pot I had, thought it would be cute... and it was! all the label said was to put it in a pot that drains well, so I did, and then it said that it wanted "full sun" so I… More

  • sunflowers

    :0 Can I plant sunflower seeds in August for a November blooming? More

  • How to feed birds without sprouts

    ... the morning. I get a songbird mix (millet, black sunflower, peanuts mostly) and I… More

  • planting sunflowers

    I went to a sunflower maze today and I was able to pick a sunflower to bring home. Is there any way to plant it now that it's been cut?? TIA More

  • Sunflower Seeds

    I'm after some advice about sunflowers :-) A friend told me that once my flower head is "drooping" then i have to cut it off and allow it to dry out so that l can then pick the seeds off - is this true? This is my first time at… More

  • Sunflower seeds...

    I got the best sunflowers I've ever grown this year... Every one of them is nine to ten feet tall... The birds are going to love this... Problem is, so will the squirrels, but that's okay... They have to eat too... You can see from the size of my lawn… More

  • Some sort of sunflower?

    Here's my mystery yellow sunflower type plant. It grew to over 8 feet tall before TS Hannah knocked it over. It's still blooming like crazy though! Anybody know what it is? More

  • flower sabotage Sunflower head cut off

    ... up, so someone (bored child?) cut off my tallest sunflower head before it was even ready to bloom! I… More

  • looking for sunflower seeds

    Hi, I'm looking for sunflower seeds to grow in containers. I have madagascar periwinkle, adenium and false roselle. I hope you don't mind posting to Indonesia. Thx Cheerz, Ka More

  • sunflower seeds

    I have some huge sunflower heads full of seeds, but I don't know how to get to them easily. How do I get the shells off of them easily? Last year I tried "threshing" them but that didn't work. Anyone have the answer? More

  • sunflower in a containter?

    Can I plant sunflowers in a pot? I don't have a planting area yet, but I'm dying to try them. More

  • Sunflower seeds

    ...ere, Cloggingrandma here. I have a question about sunflower seeds. I planted mammoth sunflowers this year around part of my garden and the they were huge. Tons of seeds in them. Does anyone know the best way to harvest them? Shake them out? Or actually when they are to… More

  • Welcome Sunflower info

    It;s good to see another NJ gardener here. Your site was very informative. Stop by often or drop in for a chat. Brassi:banana-wa More

  • anybody here grow mexican sunflower?

    mexican sunflower, Tithonia rotundifolia, is one of my favorite annuals. it grows quickly and flowers within a month or so of planting the seeds. the big bright orange and yellow flowers attract hummingbirds and butterflies better than any other flower i've seen. if you're looking for a large, fast growing,… More

  • growing mexican sunflower seeds, how?

    I would like to know how to plant mexican sunflower seeds. I bought a packet of its seeds and planted them and until now nothing came up, not even one. are sunflower seeds choosy when it comes to soil? More