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Summer Garden

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  • Growing tomatoes in containers

    ...cided to grow tomatoes in plastic containers this summer. I laid several lays of newspapers inside the containers before pour in potting soil.… More

  • Would like bulb garden (full to partial shade)

    ...hade are hardy begonia (Begonia grandis), Zone 6, summer hardy cyclamen (Cyclamen hederifolium), Zone 7, late summer to fall Bulbs that I found do well in part shade are crocus (Crocus vernus), Zone 4, early spring anemone (Anemone blanda), Zone 6, early… More

  • sweet potatos from cuttings?

    ...ows the answer to this: I had sweet potatoes last summer, & took some cuttings to start a houseplant. it's doing well, & my husband suggested we start more plants this way, & put them in… More

  • Strange squash/gourd hybrid growing in my garden

    ...and came home to find strange squash/gourds in my garden that are growing like crazy! My father has been taking care of the garden in my absence and does not know what they are, though he is an avid gardener. They are quite… More

  • Patriotic Flower Garden

    ...iend asked this question: What can I plant to get summer flowers that I can separate and create spots of red, white, and blue? The criteria: 1. Be perennial 2. Be a single specie (if not, be a similar specie) 3. Be 1' or less in height 4. Bloom… More

  • My Butterfly photos

    ...e of my butterfly photos. I have plenty from last Summer and I'm hoping to plant lotsa flowers for them this Summer. I would like to attract even more butterflies to my garden and yard. I love taking their picture and they don't… More

  • summer squash and zuccini

    My Summer Squash and Zuccini are producing like crazy. I like both but my husband isn't so fond of them. So I'm looking for new recipies, and suggestions on how to store/preserve them. Unfortunately I don't have any canning equipment yet. I do have a food dehydrator (which I don't… More

  • zuccini and summer squash

    My Summer Squash and Zuccini are producing like crazy. I like both but my husband isn't so fond of them. So I'm looking for new recipies, and suggestions on how to store/preserve them. Unfortunately I don't have any canning equipment yet. I do have a food dehydrator (which I don't… More

  • Geraniums outdoors in Summer

    :D I put my geraniums out in summer, & have noticed the leaves may turn yellow & shriveled. Too much sun??? I always thought they liked the sun! Should i put them in a shadier place ? They look so nice in hanging baskets! I have ivy geraniums & a… More

  • Plant of the Week Summer Project

    My 4 grade school children and I started to do a summer project called > "Plant of the Week" (recently renamed Plant of the Month:rolleyes:) in which we would take a picture of a plant on the Rock Island Trail, and see how many people can identify it. Trouble is… More

  • Mystery plant #57

    ...ing to have in my garden next year. I saw it this summer for the first time and fell madly in love!! More

  • wisteria black dragon

    ...veryone! I bought a wisteria - black dragon, last summer, about 40 cm height. At the end of the summer i prunned it, I cut back the new long shoots. since then, the plant stopped at all, no new one shoots or leaves, and now has lost all leaves.… More

  • grass in desert land

    ...ers from extreme of heat nearly 60 degrees in the summer to zero in the winter, this summer it is just dyimg patches of dead areas everywhere it is watered well early mrning and late evening so not in midday sun we fertizier it well but nothing… More

  • Help with school project, PLEASE!

    Hi to all and hope you're all having a wonderful summer! I am taking a math class online this summer and have a project to do. I have to get at least 30 answers to a question, and this is the only place I know of to reach 30 people!:D… More

  • Las Vegas Container Gardening

    ...d quickly due to the extreme heat (100-120)in the summer. Does anyone have advice or experience on how to set up a container garden in the desert? More

  • Water Lily: Margaret Mary

    ...local botanical garden found reminded me why late summer is a bummer.....not much in bloom except the water lilies, this is Margaret Mary. Complete with some dead bugs..... More

  • do tulips set seeds??

    .... The day after returning I took a look around my garden areas to assess how the summer had treated everything, and inspected the tulip area. I found one stalk standing with a… More

  • Bloom time from germination...

    ...come up with is the usual "blooms spring to early summer", "blooms mid summer to Fall", etc... What I'm looking for is… More

  • Lemon Thyme

    ...t it a year ago, but my garden was neglected last summer while… More


    ...ELLO, recently i've become fed up with my typical summer day...i want to do a litle more with my summer than the avg college kid... i want to start an itty bitty garden in my backyard...not many different fruit but just one type of fruit! something that would be simple… More

  • Mystery plant in my garden

    ...g winter , you will need to lift it at the end of summer. Sore it in a cool dry place then replant come Spring. More

  • zuccini and summer squash

    My Summer Squash and Zuccini are producing like crazy. I like both but my husband isn't so fond of them. So I'm looking for new recipies, and suggestions on how to store/preserve them. Unfortunately I don't have any canning equipment yet. I do have a food dehydrator (which I don't… More

  • endless summer hydrangeas

    Has anyone been able to grow endless summer hydrangeas in a pot on their deck? I love them but do not know if I can do this. I live in the Chicago area and only get a few hours of direct sun light a day. Any suggestions or should I… More

  • Indian Summer

    WOW,, that is alot of bulbs troybilt--what kind did you plant? More

  • what happen to our summer,,,

    has anyone had a chance to enjoy the summer months so far,,,here its been very cool and a lot of rain,,cool just about every day almost like fall of the year all over again,the farmers are starting to complain about their crops,and worrying if anything is going to grow,,,,,,,,this weather… More

  • Summer feeding?

    ...ds and I have a question. Do you guys feed in the summer? It is 70 degrees here and almost spring lots of things leafing out. I know I need to put out hummer feeders but what about regular feeders? More

  • Snow in Summer

    I planted snow in summer several years ago and it spread beautifully but during the summer the blossoms die off and leave behing dried out shoots. Should I be cutting them back at some point? Does anybody know how to prune these plants. When I lift up the new leaves… More

  • Last Day of Summer

    Technically today is the last day of summer. I celebrated with my buddy. She brought me a piece of herTradescantia pallida (purple heart), which she couldn't get to root. We had a great time, and I ate like a pig. I had all kinds of goodies, but the whole pan… More

  • Blooms In winter, Dies In Summer And Roots Grow Up?

    Hi everyone, A friend who loves to garden and knows I do too emailed me for help with a quiz of some sort. It's apparently a question in a magazine and her Father In Law said she wouldn't be able to find out the answer before he gets his next… More

  • Butterfly pics from last summer...

    ...ome of my fav Butterfly and Moth pics I took last summer in our garden/backyard. In order they are: Common Buckeye Painted Lady 2 Monarchs Orange Sulphur Black Tiger Swallowtail Cloudless Sulphur Grey Hairstreak Red Admiral Silvery Checkerspot Black Swallowtail Eastern-Tailed Blue 2… More

  • where is summer?

    It is finally getting cold in NJ, the trees are starting to change and Ihave to decide what plants will come in,,and which will not??:( Now it is time to wait for new catalogues to dream of next season. Hope to catch a few of you around soon. Happy Fall… More

  • when summer is over?

    :( what do you do all winter when your flowers are all gone and snow is 4 ft deep ,,,,, ewwwww .... my cannas have to be brought up. what kinds of birds do i feed i wonder ? hmmm my hummers go home and finches hide from the cold… More

  • new garden...

    So far below is as far as I have gotten on my garden (pulled a muscle in my leg trying to dig it up last weekend, will finish this weekend) anywho... I was wanting to grow some veggies, but have no clue where to start as the only thing I… More

  • RR and Summer

    http://my.gardenguides.com/forums/topic/68026?page_no=1#208635 What to do? I understand why RR said what she did, but we don't know exact details if it was accidental or not. Like I said before, I had no trouble with Glenda. What do you all think? More

  • cactuswren, summer and now

    Meadowlark. This gal is just not computer literate at all. It seemed to me she felt like she had to make a new name every time she went from one computer to another. Can we delete the two and just have her as this new name per her request? Rachel,… More

  • planting in summer

    Hey, does anyone have any ideas about what seeds I can still plant this late in the year? I have @ 1 acre disced up in a field and I want to put *something* there. I live in Courtland, AL which is zone 7. I also am pretty determined to… More

  • how my garden has grown

    ...i moved some things and got some new things. Come summer it really will be beautifull, for all the tulip bulbs and things im going to put in. But i just wanted to post a couple of… More

  • summer camp consultant review

    ...e advisory service I found on the web to find the summer camp I sent my 13 year old daughter to. I wanted everyone here to know how this awesome service gave my daughter a summer of fun, and… More

  • Endless Summer Hydrangeas

    Can I prune the Endless Summer Hydrangea in Fall? If not what's the best--and safest time. Located in Eastern Massachusetts. Thanks, Barbs More

  • What to Plant this Summer?

    :confused: I just moved into a beautiful house with a nice big yard.The last owner decided not to take with them the very large planter at the end of the drive way (a very sunny spot) or the 2 large planters in the back of the yard that get 3/4… More

  • First Summer Tanagers!

    ...sh. Ran for my book and discovered that she was a Summer Tanager. Sat watching her drink and bathe and a few minutes later her… More

  • You know it's been a hot summer when.....

    you look out the window and see your cat sharpening his claws on your dead, brown grass. :rolleyes: (True story!) More

  • Summer Camp

    Sorry Sweetle, all the airports and roads around Gapvlostockia have been closed due to some kind of national security thingy. Better luck next year. More

  • Repotting during the summer?

    ...arger pot, but I wasn't sure if doing that in the summer is a bad idea? I know that planting anything in our AZ heat isn't a smart thing to do and can sometimes kill the plant. Do the rules… More

  • Summer Garden Party in Bothell, Washington

    ...ake this, since we visit the WA folks more in the summer! Maybe I could get some people to tour Cora and Ray's garden with me in Bremerton! More