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Sugar Tree

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  • My first vegetable garden

    ...maximize the space by making trellises from small trees in the backyard. Still... I planted a little too much, and had to remove some plants. I had no idea how huge zucchini… More

  • Evans Cherries

    ... a house early Spring and there is 2 Evans Cherry trees on it ..I have just had delivered to me 2 icecream pails full.....So does anyone have any recipes for these cherries...I plan on just pitting them and then freezing them for now as I… More

  • And yet another intro...

    A big hello from the high dusty desert of Northern Nevada. My family and I moved here 2 years ago from northwest Oregon. I greatly miss those wet winters, warm summers, and lush green foliage found everywhere! After all this time, I still struggle getting anything to grow in all… More

  • Those Born 1930 1979

    This was e-mailed to me and I thought I would share it. Those Born 1930-1979! TO ALL THE KIDS WHO SURVIVED the 1930's 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's !! First, we survived being born to mothers who smoked and/or drank while they were pregnant. They took aspirin, ate blue cheese… More

  • Apple Cultivar Identity?

    ...g someone can help me identify what kind of apple tree I have. They are generally early-harvest, I can easily remove (twist and pull method) them from the tree right now. I've narrowed it down to Paula Red, JerseyMac, or Beacon. Leaning toward the Paula, but wanted to post… More

  • Seeds To Trade

    ...ane Sunflower - pretty, red/mahogany Maple Tree - Sugar Maple Olive Tree - 2 commercial seeds Fingerling Potato Tubers Blue Hubbard Squash Many more seeds from 2007 Looking for: Dwarf Flowers Container Veggies Unusual… More

  • Sugar maple hibiscus

    Does anyone know what to do with a sugar maple hibiscus in zone 5? Do you dig it up and take it inside or mulch it real heavy? Any info on this would be helpful. The stems near the ground are at least 2 1/2 inches across. Looks like a… More

  • Tapes & Traps

    I found these and thought I would share, *Fruit fly traps Jar trap 1. Make a paper funnel. 2. Place the paper funnel into a jar containing few amounts of fruit bait. 3. Place the jar trap wherever fruit flies are seen. Fruit fly plastic bottle trap Materials needed o… More

  • Figs

    ...o a batch of perseves next. I made one batch with sugar, one with splenda for myself & diabetic friends. My neighbors fig tree has out did itself.Any help will be appreciated.Blessings, Diane More

  • Maple branches dead no sugar tonight :(

    ...he utility company pruned side by side silver and sugar maples. The sugar maple is fine, but the pruned parts of the… More