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  • bleeding heart pink and white

    ...de and cant grow them well here. I am looking for succulents for my rock garden that would be hardy to zone 5. RR More

  • Orchid cactus

    ...chid cactus. I would like to trade them for other succulents. I am really wanting some Echeveria but would consider other things. The orchid cactus came to me in a (cactus for postage trade) and I misunderstood what… More

  • Anyone else into tufa?

    ...d Weber kettle barbeque lid. I've planted it with succulents :) More

  • Anyone else?

    ...ng trouble accessing the thread "dying cactus and succulents"? Everytime i try to access it i get a messege that says the search cant be found. RR More

  • What do I do with this?

    I was given a succulent plant today. I looked up by photo to identify it as a Sedum Burrito plant. I'm totally new to succulents and have absolutely no idea how to care for it. It's a huge plant that is spilling over its pot. Can anyone help me? Chris:confused: More

  • Have 2 Epies and a Flute Jade for trade

    ...i there, I would like to trade for other cacti or succulents. I have 2 Epies and 2 nice Flute Jade plants. All are well rooted. The Flude Jades are very nice established baby plants. RR More

  • A Suggestion

    ...e has been a suggestion made to make a Cactus and Succulent section. Well, I noticed when I first joined that Wildlife is in two places in the Forums. Wildlife shows up in Photo Gallery under Landscapes and Nature. Then Wildlife shows up again under Garden Critters. Why can't be… More

  • Coastal Succulent at Point Bonita Lighthouse

    My GF and I saw this succulent at the Point Bonita Lighthouse in Marin County yesterday. I asked the NPS naturalists there, all they could come up with was "its iceplant". Anyone have any ideas? Also we were noticing that a lot of the iceplant, yes there was some in… More

  • Just purchased some euphorbia "Helena"

    ...ter today and saw some interesting sedums (I love succulents and have a big xeriscape/rock garden) - Purple Emperor - and saw a new-to-me plant, euphorbia "Helena." I thought the soft, strappy leaves of the euphorbia would look nice with… More

  • Seeking inspiration for hot & dry balcony caskets!

    ...t does well in hot & dry conditions. A box of succulents grew well, but the… More

  • More Cactus ans Succulents for postage

    As I have been going through my stock I am weeding out the things I dont have as much interest in to make more space for things I do. I wish I had unlimited space so I could keep it all, but I dont. I am going to make one… More

  • Help Please With ID's Succulents/Sedums

    I recently purchased these succulents/sedums at the local farmers market. I was told that the first 3 (pics 1-4) were hardy for zone 7 but the seller didn't know what they were called. I could really use some help with their names so I can go and find out more… More

  • NEW! Cacti and Succulents

    Hi, Please check out our NEW topic Cacti and Succulents under The Ornamental Garden Category. Feel free to stop by to discuss your thoughts and questions pertaining to Cacti and Succulents. Here is the link: http://my.gardenguides.com/forums/forum/10375 More

  • Cacti and succulents

    I just got a group of cacti and succulents and they are so nice bt i would love to know if anyone can name any of them. It would be cool to know what it is I have. More

  • What are my succulents?

    My mom in law gave me a carload of plants :cool: and I didn't get them all named. The flowered one has long floppy stems; you can see one lying down in the pot on the right. More

  • New Succulents

    I cant wait till we get the cactus and succulent forum! These are a cople new beauties I got today! More

  • cactus and succulents

    I have 2 large epi cuttings...one is 9 inches the other is 13 inches. 2 small opuntia pads...bunny ears and one unknown 2 rooted plants of mother of thousands..well rooted and about 4-6 inches tall. Watch chain crassla cuttings. verigated jade cutting What I am looking for is Echeveria cuttings/leaves… More

  • Mystery cacti and succulents

    ... went shopping and came home with these cacti and succulents for me. My only problem is not knowing what type they are. If anyone has any hints, I would greatly appreciate it. thank you. More

  • Dying Cactus and Succulents :(

    Hello, I have a small cactus and succulent (and an aloe, which is doing fine so far). The cactus is looking mushy at the bottom, and the succulent has had almost all the leaves fall off! Anyone have any idea why this is happening? I am thinking it is aphids,… More

  • All my succulents in a nut shell.

    ...ou see the plant in this photo? I believe it is a succulent, but don't know for sure, I do know that it starts from a cutting real… More

  • Succulents & Cacti in Florida

    I have recently become OBSESSED with succulents. My problem is that I live in Florida and it is now the rainy season. If I move them out of the rain they don't get enough sun, does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can get them through the rainy… More

  • Trying again New Succulents

    Just got these yesterday. The first one is Echeveria Nodulosa and the second one is Hawarthia Fasciata. More