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Strawberry Pots

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  • Mystery plant

    ...dea what it is but here it is growing amongst the strawberries. The underside… More

  • Alpine Strawberries

    ...these are the easiest to grow and can be grown in pots. I was wondering if any of you had any experience growing these berries..? Any tips and/or suggestions? More

  • Stawberry Tree?

    I am well known to my family and friends as a plant lover and gardener and have on many occasions gone to visit a friend only to end up consulting on plants , pruning, seeding, and transplanting. Well i was asked over this weekend to figure out a tree in… More

  • potting soil question

    ...ade a mistake using moisture control miracle grow potting mix for basically everything I planted. I did it because I have limited physical abilities and didn't want to… More

  • mystery plant in a pot

    Hi everyone! I'm new here, mostly because I needed a question answered, but I hope to be a help at some point! I am a biologist, but cell biology is my thing. I like plants and have started branching out (lame joke). So I have this plant growing in a… More

  • what sounds good??

    well im tryin ta plan fer this year (usially i just go to my "source" an get what i feel like last 4 years i want ta do SOME planning this year tho) http://www.milaegers.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=EM5190&Category_Code=05_06A7 yea thats the place its a short drive from here but its quickly the only place… More

  • Helppp!

    Hey guys!! hows everyone. I just got into the gardening and planting veggies and fruits and some herbs i love to watch them grow and just be green :) I have a few questions. currently im In PUerto rico wich is zone 11 or 10 or 9 differents websites tell… More

  • my plants

    ...e some --ok 2 things-- mints in a mug and mint an strawberries in a maragarita glass an oh yea my borage is flowerin like mad lol the pictures are from my camera phone if youre corious whats what just ask… More

  • someone stole my flower pot!

    ...t mostly confused. I had one of those multi herbs pots that resemble one used for strawberries (one opening at top and several on the side). I went outside to water and check on my plants and noticed it was missing. Who would steal a flowerpot… More

  • Alpine strawberries

    ...s in 4 small pots. I've never had success growing strawberries...any suggestions? More

  • Strawberries

    ...ught a hanging planter- It's sorta like a plastic strawberry pot. I'll need to take a pic because it's hard to describe. And I bought 20 little strawberry plants (bare root from Wally world $3 for all!). Those are in a bowl of water. I really hope these grow-… More

  • what berries and fruit trees can you grow in partial shade?

    ...rry,kiowa blackberry's,dewberry's,tayberry,alpine strawberry,ken's red and a pollinator kiwi..all growing in pots,while I decide where to… More

  • Stawberries, What did I do wrong.

    ...t a week after I bought them to get them in their pots. They have been in… More

  • Strawberry fields

    ...These are all currently being grown in individual pots. I've already had success with the peppers and the tomato plant has currently 3 little tomatoes growing. My husband is going to make me… More

  • Hello all!

    Hi everybody! My name's Chrissy, and I garden here in Central Ohio. The general Columbus area. This is actually the first year I resort to gardening boards. LOL We just sold our old house and bought this one now last Fall, so this year I have to more or less… More

  • Strawberries

    ...o this question, I went out on the web to look up strawberry growing in hanging containers and found some informatin. What I am really looking for is if I container plant them in hanging pots, what do I do over the… More

  • Please help me with various seeds (growing tips)

    Ok so I got a bunch of seeds from kratz7 and with my health, I forgot about them and found them again. I had to look up a lot of these cause I'm clueless. Is it too late to plant any of these and could I grow some in containers?… More

  • bug proublem help peas?

    ok so this year i asked bout the bugs we had last year at the place i get my plants LOL they said aphids were what they were --there are EXTENSIVE pics on my seagate at my moms house-- i was more/less leave them alone get info fer next year… More

  • hello from nebraska!

    ...my first home in Nebraska... I've been growing in pots on my patio for the last few years and now have a patch of my own.. I'm looking to… More

  • Potting Strawberries

    ... so I decided to go home and save a few of my old strawberry plants (long story short in case you didn't read my other post: I had a tiny veggie garden back in high school, which was conquered… More