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  • First harvest of yellow squash!

    Just picked these squash this morning! And plenty more are growing :D More

  • harvesting yellow squash

    ...ticular size at which I should harvest the yellow squash? The two biggest ones are about 3-5 inches right now. More

  • butternut squash help please

    This is my first year growing butternut squash. Everything else in my garden is doing fine, and the squash IS flowering, but so fas as I can tell, each of the flowers is male. When should I start to see some fruits?? Thanks Rebecca More

  • Yellow squash help!

    So I've got a yellow squash plant in a pot in the ground, and it'll put out flowers and squash like crazy, but when the flower shrivels or falls off, the squash stops growing and shrinks. Its in full sun and I keep the soil moist. No signs of any… More

  • mystery squash

    This is the best unintentional squash i have ever grown. I wasn't going to plant them this year but they had a mind of their own. It is right beside my compost bin and i think that the compost is feeding this monster. But i have no idea what kind… More

  • unknown squash

    I have a squash or gourd which was growing near my compost pit. i never had this so i am assuming it's somekind of hybrid or mutant from something else. it looks like a dumpling/carnival squash and so far is about 6" in dia. the color so far is light… More

  • Summer Squash in pots??

    I started my squash way too early and it's getting rather large for the 16 oz. cup thats it's in. Is it possible to transplant it into a large pot and let it grow in there? What size pot would I need? The plants are about 8-9 inches tall! UPDATE:… More

  • Squash in the Corn

    ...'m toying with the idea of planting the butternut squash between the rows of corn and just letting it run whereever. Any thoughts on this idea? More

  • Is this a type of squash?

    ...andmother thought that it was some kind of summer squash. More

  • Squash: this year's grand experiment

    So, I'm thinking that Yellow squash in an 8in container pot may not be a good idea..... the leaves are great the flowers are beautiful....but the squash... the darned squash....:mad: they try to grow... oh so hard but it seems like they rot off as soon as they get to… More

  • Chayote Squash

    Anyone have a good and easy recipe for chayote squash that they have tried ? More

  • hubbard squash

    Any one have some good recipes using hubbard squash? Can you make it just like acorn squash? candied I mean? More

  • squash bugs

    Something is eating my squash blossoms and leaves. I know it's not a squash bug (though that's what I'm doing to them when I find them) because I looked up "squash bug" and they don't look like that. They almost look like ladybugs, but with black eyes and a totally… More

  • what kind of squash is this?

    This year we planted crookneck yellow squash, zucchini and delicata squash. We fertilized with our compost pile. We do not remember having any other kind of squash last year that may have been added to the compost. The large squash is about 12 inches long. It is light green around… More

  • Spaghetti Squash Disappointment

    ...s and bought a single tiny, sad looking spaghetti squash plant on a whim. It turned into the biggest, most beautiful squash plant ever! Momma was so proud as it grew up and along the top of our fence, and draped over the other… More

  • Banana squash wanted

    hi looking for Banana squash seeds ,hubbard squash differant types please lets trade.ask for my list.thanks for looking willy More

  • Chayote Squash

    Has any one grown the chayote squash vine? Thanks John More

  • Mystery squash

    Can someone help me in this mystery squash. Here is a picture of the squash and two of the plant. The plant looks like zucchini but I did not plant any where this one is growing. Thank you. Tina More

  • Squash?

    I would say it appears to be a summer squash. More

  • when to pick winter squash? and a few more squash questions...

    i have a few butternut squash whose skins are turning tan, and an acorn squash who is very dark green (and huge!!). when do i pick them? the plants are still sending out vines and flowering, should i cut them so they stop or let them continue until frost time?… More

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