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Square Foot Gardens

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  • update from Oregon

    ...m (sooo much dirt) and house painted etc. But the square foot garden is doing pretty good. We had a very cold spring so everything started growing late. We have lots of tomatoes growing just… More

  • my garden

    ...d machine crates. Some of the beds still have the square foot gardening grid on them. Im still deciding if I like… More

  • Chicken Pooo in the Garden

    ... that you can use 45lbs of chicken manure per 100 square foot (a 10' x 10' area), now after weighing, my pooo weighs 16,6 lbs a five gallon bucket, so trying to reach the 45lbs per 100 was too tricky for me , and looking at two buckets… More

  • What is your best Soil Mix

    ... containers, raised beds and ground planting type gardening, so given the test I'm going to try one more, though my horse poo/oak leaves and chips composted for a year under those old trees ant bad. So here is my new… More

  • portable tent like greenhouse

    ...ant one as I am new at this. Its only 6 by 6 foot square and 6 1/2 feet tall, made of very heavy plastic… More

  • Hello from Slower Lower Delaware

    ...m a "stick it in the ground and see what it does" gardener who until… More

  • Now I've done it!

    It all began with a few packets of seeds, peat pellets, and tiny clay pots my wife brought home from the dollar store. "I'm gonna grow tomatoes and herbs." says my wife. "I have enough to do, leave me out of it." says I. Well, plants do what plants do… More

  • How Much Fertliizer for Garden

    Given 8lbs of 8-8-8 per 100' of Row ? OK, I have raised beds 4' x 16' x 12" high, good horse poo/chips and a oak leaf mix, How much 8-8-8 fertilizer do I need for each bed? if 8lbs will do a 100' row, Should I consider the 4'… More

  • Soil Fertility Test "Found This"

    ...y, but by knowing how many earthworms are in your garden soil, you can quickly estimate your soil fertility. The best time to check for earthworm activity is in the spring when the soil temperature has risen to a minimum of… More

  • Cheap GreenHouse Idea

    ...r a store front. I plan to concrete some 4X4 inch square posts in the ground, build some trusses… More

  • Hi from Oregon, planting a sqare ft garden!

    ...nd I'm looking forward to reading tips on organic square foot gardening. I've just recently dug up the sunny corner or my small front yard and started some 4x6 foot beds. Last week I planted peas and potatoes, this moring beets, garlic,… More

  • Opinions about my garden design please *picture included

    ...with the grid is the rows between the beds...each square is a square foot so… More

  • Anyone else here from Maryland?

    ...go and I can plant my favorite veggies in my new "square foot" garden!! This is my first attempt at such a process. Does anyone else have any experience with this type of gardening? Thanks for any help and opinions! More

  • New gardens at our acreage

    Hi All, Last summer we moved to 3.4 acres. Mostly weedy and some compacted, weedy, crappy lawn. I'm looking for resources for ideas - links, photos, forums to help me plan what to do with all this space. We have some things done, see photos. All ideas welcome! first is… More

  • Square Foot Planting Round Container Tubs?

    ...ners are 24" across so I figured the area at 3.14 square foot. I have come up with this planting pattern Spacing # Plants… More

  • Square Foot Gardening? pro's and cons

    I picked up the "New" Square Foot gardening Book this weekend. WoW it looks like a real good idea, but I have my doubts even after visiting the website, The soil mix and depth was really puzzling to me, I deep dig my garden mix several items and layer tiller… More


    Raised Bed square foot test, (see Soil Fertility post). I was cleaning out my lettuce raised bed, The first shovel of soil being turned over, I was shocked, No Earth Worms but GRUBS, yes Grub Worms and about 9-10 with that one little shovel of soil, Nowhere near a squareMore

  • Grub Worm not Earthworm, Count

    ...organic material is needed (worm up to twelve per square foot is good). My… More

  • Midwestern Herb and Garden Show

    ...vendors, lots of free classes. Mel Bartholomew of Square Foot Gardening Fame plus a lot more. Please visit Show website:http://www.midwesternherbandgardenshow.com/ Hope to see you in February More

  • Cocoa bean hulls mulch

    ...m planning to put some around my newly planted 14 square foot planting strip that i planted blue salvia red petunia and white lobelias. More

  • Solar Baking the Raised Bed

    Those Grub Worms (two digs, a square foot each, first dig=9 Grubs and second dig 28 grubs in a square foot of soil), Wow, Time to Attack , The 4' x 16' raised bed just got warmed up, I flooded the bed with water and placed a black tarp (double… More

  • Anyone else doing square foot gardening?

    I guess I shouldn't have said "anyone else" because I'm no further than the planning stage, but I'm looking for others who are using the SFG methods to find out what's worked, what you've done differently, what resources you've found to be valuable, etc. Anyone else? More