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Spruce Trees

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  • Spruce tree problem

    I have a spruce tree in the back yard that seems to have grown two leaders at the top. Should one of them be pruned off? Actually, can the tree be topped off? As you can see, there are few needles at the top so it looks odd. I'd also… More

  • Brown Needles on Weeping Spruce Tree

    I have a weeping Norway spruce tree that is about 9 years old. It has wonderful new growth but on the same branch the inner needles are turning brown. Not on all the branches, just some. The tree gets regular irrigation and a time release fertilizer. Does anyone have any… More

  • Hi from south central Ontario

    Hi, Everyone - I'm new to Garden Guides and have already enjoyed the various questions and tips I've read. I've gardened most of my life and I'm very old. I still learn something new and wonderful about plants and gardening techniques on a regular basis. I love to "play in… More

  • Wanted: Tree seeds

    Does anyone have any Blue Spruce, Redwood, or Sequoia seeds or even Pinecones I can take off their hands? More

  • My Flower Garden In Connecticut

    ... a few photos of my flower garden. The giant blue spruce tree is in my front yard, and the honeysuckle vine (that's what I think it is) is around the lampost. Although it's hard to tell, in my flower garden are: Clematis vine, Iris, Lilly (white,yellow & orange),… More

  • The J.Beetles Will Not Eat List.

    I came across this list and thought I would share it. I consider it a general guideline because some of the plants listed have been attacked by the beasties. For instance, I know that petunias and dogwoods have been affected by them here in my area. Sorry for the long… More

  • Hi From Connecticut This Forum Is Much Too Quiet!

    Hi to all my fellow New England gardeners! Where are you? Seems that there haven't been many posts here lately...I suppose everyone is out gardening. I've lived in Connecticut for the past twelve years. I think gardening here is so much easier here than in Georgia, where I'm originally from.… More

  • My tree news...

    Well my Dwarf Alberta Spruce that I bought last May, is officially dead... Hubby buried it in our last snow storm with snow from the driveway, I think there was a good amount of road salt mixed in it. BUT a neighbor has 2 that she doesn't like and offered… More

  • New 'cat in town

    ...den perennials, vegetables, annual flowers, fruit trees/shrubs, and bonsai. I'm just a bonsai-beginner (only 3-5 year old trees), and I'm slowly getting the feel for proper form. It… More

  • Woohoo!!!! Japanese Maple

    ...g trees shipped to us (except for a Colorado Blue Spruce that… More

  • Tree moving Wisconsin

    ...bout five years ago I transplanted about 40 small trees, and now the state is buying 30' from me actually stealing it. I have no choice in the matter, for extentending the… More

  • Spruce ER needed

    My huge Blue Spruce trees are in desperate shape. They are loosing limbs and needles. I had a person from the County Extension Service out last year who said it was drought damage, but, having done as told (Urea and watering), the trees are still excessively stressed. What can I… More

  • What's wrong with my spruce trees?

    ...since April, is this just drought? 5 30+ year old trees. Last season we had 30 inches of rain in june and july! Lots of flooding and standing water. I'm thinking they need help, just don't know what kind. Any info… More

  • HELP

    ...ottle of Vitamin B into recently repotted weeping spruce tree in container and large bonsai pine. He flooded the plants after this to try to dilute. Help will this kill the trees? More

  • Peat Pots?

    I am growing Blue Spruce trees in peat pots (the small ones with the netting) and since they have sprouted, I was wondering would it be best to take off the netting, or leave it on. Which is better, off or on? More

  • Mountain Ash and Elm Tree help needed please.

    First my Mountain Ash. I noticed that something has been having a feast but only on the one part I have shown in the picture. I noticed it first yesterday and have checked today and whatever was eating it seems to have left. I checked it carefully and couldn't find… More

  • Dwarf Alberta Spruce Truning Brown

    Hello: We have two trees which are two years old and have been very healthy. In the past day , almost overnight they have turned brown and needles are falling off. What could have caused this? They face north and do not get direct sun. It seems they got brown… More

  • New bird house question

    My wife Becky brought me home a really neat birdhouse today... The opening is just over 1/14 inch, and it stands one foot tall, not including the top thingy... It has a nice hinged door on the back for cleaning too... It's well made of real solid wood, real bark… More

  • They're Eating My Spruce Trees!

    ...e last weekend, I went to check on our 3 year old spruce trees and found them decimated! Looking closer, I spotted little green caterpillars on them, happily munching away on the needles. These little trees are only 2 feet tall right now and have almost no needles… More