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Spring Garden

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  • Early Spring?????????

    Here in Upstate New York I am shocked to see that my lilacs are beginning to bud, as are my pussy willow trees. The birds are coming out, Cardinals, Eagles , etc.... The days have gotten up to the 40's but nights are still in the teens. How can this… More

  • tree/shrub "wish list" for next spring

    ...ow about you all, but I've already come down with spring gardening fever! Here's my tree & shrub wish list for what I'd like to add to the garden this coming spring, feel free to share yours!1. Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Nana Gracilis' (dwarf Hinoki falsecypress) for a privacy screen/hedge… More

  • First Signs of Spring

    ...ep each other posted as we see our first signs of spring! More

  • First Day of Spring

    ... forecast for today, March 20th, the first day of Spring? More

  • Spring in Kentucky

    :) Finally, spring is here!!! More

  • ...from my Kentucky garden

    Photos from the garden...I love spring!!! More

  • Groundcovers & Spring bulbd

    ...pots in my flower beds, but I know that there are spring bulbd like daffodils, crocuses and snowdrop bulbs in the earth there. If I… More

  • Spring Clean ups

    ...ry to keep adding gardens as I clean them up this spring and perhaps a few installs. Here is a cleanup that is in progress as of April 16th The forget me knots were EVERYWHERE!!! ARggghhh. I used corn gluten meal as a pre-emergent. More

  • When to plant spring flowering bulbs

    I'm wondering if I can plant spring flowering bulbs now (as opposed to waiting until fall). I'm in Zone 4 or 5, depending on what chart one looks at. I know they may sprout, but would this prevent them from coming up in spring of '09? More

  • Spring Rolls

    I recently made some spring rolls from scratch. I made about 35 of them, so I decided to freeze some for future use. The ones that are frozen, go from the freezer directly to the deep fryer.. much like the ones in the grocery store. I made two types.. ground… More

  • Bulbs planted in spring?

    ...at bloom in the summer that can be planted in the spring? I missed out on getting some spring bulbs planted back in the fall. More

  • The beginnings of our first spring seminar

    ...seminar at work is going to be on low maintenance gardening. I have been working on this part this morning...Let's hope I can attach it ok. Let me know what you think. Shade lovers are next, then a few trees and shrubs. I am having a hard… More

  • Thyme how to trim in spring?

    ... past week or so and I've been out tending to the gardens. I'm new to thyme and am not sure if I should trim it down to the soil, leave a little bit, or simply leave it alone. Any suggestions?… More

  • What to plant under Buddleja? (Spring plant needed!)

    ...hey are very beautiful when they flower, but each spring we cut them down to stumps, and then that part of the garden looks very bare. Any idea what I could plant there… More

  • I tried something new last spring.

    I lined all my hanging baskets and large planters with a thick layer of leaves,I'm now emptying these containers and I finding black humus has replaced the leaves ond its loaded with roots. The other thing I found was when I watered the water did not run right through the… More

  • Spring Under Glass at Stonecrop Garden, Cold Spring, NY

    ...ROP Gardens ANNOUNCES A CURE FOR THE WINTER BLUES spring under Glass from March 23-28, 2009 Come to Stonecrop and leave winter behind for good! Starting Monday, March 23rd, one of the first days of spring, Stonecrop Gardens will open a week early for a special celebration of spring under… More

  • ok its spring time...i think I will grow???...

    ...to grow some vegies and start off a new vegetable garden and i want to grow some certain other plants in the garden but this is the perfect season to start growing plants in a summer garden for next season... all i… More

  • A Few Spring Garden Photos

    It is still cold here in CT, Zones 5-6, but I have a few things going on. I hear people say that tulips only blossom for a few years. My father's tulips have blossommed for decades without any maintenance at all. I don't have a photo here because they are… More

  • Spring Children's Garden program

    ...eir own flowers, vegetables and herbs. Our weekly spring classes will consist of different theme days, including topics such as plants, insects, international gardening, and health. We will spend most of our… More

  • Spring garden

    1=lettuce and spinach 2=tomato's in the hoop 3=same tomato's different angel 4=onions (tomatoes will be in this bed) 5 = snow peas (tomatoes will be in bed ) More

  • Signs of spring's coming

    ...sture. Parsley coming up beside a rock in my herb garden. My husband talking about firing up the tiller. :cool: More

  • Spring flowering bulbs: will this work?

    ... course, all the little markers I put down in the spring have disappeared, and I have no idea what Our Wild Friends have eaten. So I… More

  • Spring is almost here!

    :D This picture was taken in the Black Hills of South Dakota earlier today! Summer's almost arrived in South Dakota and Wyoming! We can see the deer moving around. Yep, won't be long now. More

  • Spring is almost here!

    This picture was taken in the Black Hills of South Dakota earlier today! Summer's almost arrived in South Dakota and Wyoming. We can see the deer moving around. Yep, won't be long now. More

  • hello spring and everyone!!

    ... my profile to find out more. im so excited about spring and just planted some seeds in starter pots today..i found this site on accident but wow thank goodness i did how cool!! cant wait to get… More

  • It's Spring????

    Took these pictures this morning in my yard and it was -30 when I got up. Yep global warming is a real threat. More

  • Startig new in Spring, Texas

    Hello I have not had a garden in a long time. Too long that is. I am a divorced dad. They do not live with me, but I get them often. I am usually working, sleeping or with my daughters. My dad had a passion for gardening. My uncle, gone… More

  • My Spring Garden

    The first is of course Lily of the Valley Second is one of my Wisterias Third is a Lyre-leaved Sage 4th is Verbena and lastly some Mexican Evening Primrose More