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Spanish Moss

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  • Does Anyone Here LOVE to Hike

    My daughte and I were hiking in Pt. Reyes National Seashore on Sat. One of our favorite places to hike. I was wondering if there were others out there who love to hike. Maybe we could share stories, pictures, hints, ideas about equipment and share our favorite places to go.… More

  • Compost ingredients???????

    As stated in a couple of other forums, I am brand new at this gardening business. We have 2 acres with 110 trees, most of which are live oaks. Needless to say, too many to rake or pick up, so I grind them up with the mower. We have just… More

  • Guzmania...my Favorite Houseplant

    ...uzmania was established in 1802 and named after a Spanish pharmacist named "Guzman". Most guzmanias originate from northwstern South America where they occur in the tropical rainforest belt of the Andes… More

  • Growing Bromeliads Epiphytically

    Growing Bromeliads Epiphytically in the Subtropical Home Garden Most bromeliad growers cultivate their plants in pots under shade cloth or some form of protective structure. This is necessary when climate conditions do not replicate the bromeliads' natural habitat. However, for those lucky enough to live in a subtropical climate as… More

  • cool herb project

    I saw this at my favorite nursery yesterday. They had herb wreaths and swags. Basically, cut a length of landscaping fabric as long as you want your wreath. It should be about 16 inches wide. (So a rectangle of landscaping fabric) Fill the landscaping fabric with your choice of potting… More

  • composting under landscape fabric

    ...tchen scraps (vegetable,fruit,coffe grounds etc), spanish moss and horse manure. I watered it ( ha, ha - just before T S Fay arrived) and put a 6 x 6 sheet of… More

  • Again, a question of ingredients.

    ... all of these live oaks, there is an abundance of spanish moss. Is this stuff any good as compost? Can I mix it with the live oak leaves? More

  • What's killing Florida trees?

    ...th this gray stuff hanging off of them. I've seen spanish moss in New Orleans and this looked different. I'm figuring there is a pest in the gray stuff that kills the… More

  • spider lillies

    this post has been edited by a site moderator. I just bought half acre of land and don't have much to trade but would like to trade what I got for some vegetable seeds nd flower seeds. I need almost everything. And willing to trade for some spider lilly bulbs.… More

  • HI y'all from the land of live oaks and spanish moss

    I was known for many years on GardenWeb as Nigella. GardenWeb was an amazing place and gave me the most intensive schooling I could have hoped for. I'm just a dirt gardener but am passionately interested in knowing everything there is to find out about plants, jewelry making and photography.… More