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Southwestern Deserts Gardening

Southwestern Deserts Gardening Articles

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  • Giving Credit!

    ...ght I'd take a few pictures and give Kudos to the Southwestern Indiana Master Gardeners' Association. They've only… More

  • white sage and sweetgrass

    Hi... My fiance and I live in southwestern North Dakota. We just received several plants of "white sage" and "sweetgrass" with no planting instructions. Does anybody have experience with either of these? No scientific names were provided, just the common names. They are in little pots so they'll keep for… More

  • Soil Preparation

    ...eighbours tried to help him, however the lawn and garden were pretty much left to decline for 19 years. I worked up the front garden which had become very compacted. My… More

  • Dividing Aucuba Japonica

    Hi! I live in Southwestern Virginia. My question concerns an Aucuba Japonica I have growing on one side of my front steps. It is large (probably 6'X7'), and I would like to split it and plant half of it on the other side of my front steps. How would be… More

  • Can lantana be perennial?

    ...ide. He has it up against the brick of his house, southwestern exposure.… More

  • Too late for pumpkins?

    ... not for Halloween, then for Thanksgiving? I'm in southwestern Indiana. Since my 'loupes were a bust, figured maybe I'd put a couple pumpkin seeds down and see what happens. If it's too late, maybe I'll try a… More

  • Hi from Virginia! <3

    ...ught i'd take a moment to say hello! =) I live in southwestern Virginia, and I love gardening. More than anything, I love my Roses.. (attaching a photo of one from my climbing Rose, from last year) lol… More

  • REintroduction

    ...was gone :cool: About moi: My name is Kat, I'm in southwestern, CT (suburb of NYC). Once I get spring fever, I live in… More

  • This is me...

    My name is Jen. I live in Southwestern PA. I have always had house plants of some sorts. I believe my one phyladendrum (sp?) is almost ten years old. My favorite inside plant is a spider plant. I have numerous 'babies' in water all over the house. I just can't… More

  • What kind are common to my area?

    I've lived in my home for 3 years in Southwestern CT. From what I recall, I start seeing hummingbirds starting in the beginning of summer when my honeysuckle is in bloom. What type comes through my area in June-July? More

  • New from Southwestern Connecticut

    This is my first forum ever.. I enjoy birdwatching as well as a being new gardner. I find both very relaxing and a great engery booster. More